Engaging With Other Bloggers

Engagement TechniquesManaging your own site is not easy, and adding a blog makes it even harder. But, if you are looking to gain more traffic on your site, a blog is your best choice. And to top it off, you will need to engage with others.

Just as much as you enjoy putting out content, you should invest time into reading what is already out there. You never know if something might inspire you to write your next post, or series of posts! I had read so many posts from mom bloggers that shared their experience on parenting. Most come from various backgrounds, with different lifestyles. These women inspired me to create MomViews, and from there I had several moms reach out to me wanting to share their story. It has been such a wonderful six months. This all started with engagement.

There are two types of engagement in my book: quiet and loud.
Quiet engagement is when you click through a site but you do not do anything else to engage.
Loud engagement is visiting a site and making your presence known. Whether you are commenting, reposting or sharing someone else’s post, you are letting everyone know you are paying attention. I use quiet engagement when exploring new sites, and use loud whenever I am interacting with bloggers I know or visit on a regular basis.

3 Reasons To Engage With Others
1. You can exchange thoughts.
This one is pretty much common sense, but people tend to forget that the comment section is a lot like a forum. You can share your reaction to the post and address issues/topics not mentioned.

2. You will gain more followers.
Engaging with other bloggers through comments is a great way to meet new bloggers. Remember, you are not just connecting with the person who wrote the post. You are also connecting with their readers.

3. You will get the same effort you put in.
If you genuinely care about the other person’s post, it will show. The same effort you put into engaging with other bloggers will be reflected on your website.

Why do you engage with other bloggers? Comment below! 


  1. Thanks for your wonderful blogging tips. I've been blogging for several months and feel alone most of the time. I've recently started engaging with other bloggers, and you're right. I'm seeing an increase in my audience, and I'm gaining new friends in the blogging world. I enjoy viewing your site and hope that you will visit me at http://www.tightbudgetsandwich.com.

  2. Thank you for your feedback. And yes, engaging is key. It also helps you connect for your own sanity. 🙂

    PS: Loving the site. Deals are always fun!

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