10 Essential Pantry Items To Buy From The Store

With the number of items flying off the store shelves these days, it’s important to understand there are essential pantry items you can should add to your grocery store list.

Aside from everyday products such as toilet paper and paper towels, it’s important to think of stocking up liquids. Whenever there is a health issue, the first thing you want to secure are the necessary liquids — water, orange juice and anything with electrolytes.

These liquids will help your body fight any diseases by keeping you hydrated.

Remember, your body relies on liquids for circulation. Water carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to meet the required water intake.

5 Essential Pantry Items For Kids

Choosing nutritious options from the store shelves is key to boost your family’s immune system. Keeping items that are rich in vitamins and nutrients are a great idea for the littles.

Below are a handful of things you might want to have available for your kids:

1. Fruits and vegetables to snack

Our kids love snacking on fruits and occasionally will pick up a vegetable or have it as a side dish in their dinner. We keep a tray in the fridge for them to grab independently and serve themselves.

Always have fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

2. Protein-rich side dishes to limit their meat consumption

We are meat-eaters, but we don’t like to give the kids too much meat throughout the week. Instead, we offer them protein-rich sides to help them get the necessary nutrients. For instance, beans are a great source of proteins and we make them once a week for the kids to consume. They always ask for seconds.

3. Canned goods that work for your family.

People often rush to the store and buy several cans of tuna and other fish when it’s close to hurricane season in South Florida. It’s always interesting to see how many will end up donating their purchases or trashing it after it has expired.

Stick to canned goods that your family likes. We do tuna fish because we actually eat tuna fish sandwiches. Go for canned chicken or other alternatives for your family that won’t go to waste.

4. Baking treats from a box.

It’s always a good idea to bake things from scratch, but you might not have all the ingredients to do so. You’ll want to stock up on some quick baking treats.

This helps the kids stay entertained and works as a treat for them as well. Some families use baking together as a math lesson.

5. Dried fruits and nuts as always a good idea.

Dried fruits and nuts are one of my favorite essential pantry items and come in handy when you need antioxidants but don’t want to deal with fruits going bad.

Refrain from purchasing mixed nuts and fruits. Although it might seem like a great idea, you never know who might be allergic to nuts. We had this issue recently with our youngest. Fortunately, she kept away from the nuts and refused to eat them.

5 Other Necessary Items For Families

Taking care of yourself is key to caring for others. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure your needs are met. Below are five additional things you’ll want to keep handy in case of an emergency.

1. Multi-vitamins to keep yourself going.

Although foods provide you with the right nutrients, it’s important to consider your vitamin intake by using supplements. We take vitamin C daily and it helps when combating a low immune system. Other essential vitamins are B-Complex and calcium.

2. Manual and battery-operated kitchen tools are a must.

Some of the most common essential pantry items are canned goods, but what people forget to think of are manual can openers. Sure, electrical ones do come in handy. However, if you ever find yourself in an emergency, you may not have an electrical outlet nearby.

Always opt for manual or battery-operated kitchen tools.

3. Keep honey at hand.

One of the essential items people won’t tell you about is honey. Honey is a natural cough syrup and can help when you’re feeling under the weather. It’s one of our long-time family secrets.

Once the kids are starting to feel sick or have a bad cough, we take out a tablespoon of honey.

4. Vinegar to clean your home.

Although cleaning with vinegar is part of our everyday routine, it’s important to note that not every surface can be disinfected with vinegar. You can learn more about the surfaces that can and should be cleaned with vinegar and those that shouldn’t over here.

5. Chocolates and other emergency sweets.

Aside from stocking up on baking essentials, it’s important to note that parents need something sweet for themselves. As a mom with a sweet tooth, a stash of chocolate is considered an emergency item.

Not only does it help me deal with the stress, but it also offers nutrients and can keep you going should an emergency present itself.

What other essential pantry items would you add to the list?

Learn how you can stock up your pantry with emergency food your family will eat. This list of essential pantry items is a great way to start.

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