Every Relationship Is Different

The following post has been scheduled in advance. We are currently awaiting the arrival of our second child and hope you enjoy this post! 

Have you ever wondered how that guy ended up with that girl or vice versa? 
I have. 
And most times when I sense positive vibes I always root for their relationship. I love to see happy couples and I always encourage people to work on their relationships. Of course, that’s if they genuinely feel it’s worth it. 
Some relationships tend to go sour before they hit the first year. Others are like a dream the first year and become a nightmare after. 
I believe it has to do with the two people involved, and how much they’re committed to working out their issues. Because let’s face it, we all have our own issues to deal with. And when you’re in a relationship with someone most of those skeletons come to light.
Believe In What You Have
If you ever get a gut feeling that the person you’re dating could be someone you’d like to spend the rest of your life with, I say go for it. But make sure the other person is on the same page. 
Oftentimes we create these illusions in our heads about what a relationship should be and where our current one should be headed and all we’re really doing is setting ourselves up for failure.
If I had followed my impatient heart, I would’ve pressured Jeff to do things he wasn’t ready for and definitely would’ve pushed him away. But with time, everything has worked out for the best. 
Look Passed The Past
This one is tough for most people, and I include myself in that category. But if you’re willing to see passed things that happened and are willing to work on a future together, then nothing else matters. I emphasize together because sometimes we think the other person is ready for the same commitment, but they’re not. 
It’s silly to say, but I’ve met/seen photos of women Jeff has dated and it used to bother me because I was insecure in the relationship. 
Today, things are a lot different. I could be around or look at a photo of one of them and not feel the slightest bit of jealousy because I am confident in what we have and I know it’s a lot deeper than anything he had with any of them.
Together we’ve built a loving family and we cater to our needs. We communicate how we feel about things and we always discuss ideas together. Jeff says it best, “we work well together.” And everyone sees it too. 
Our boys are a great indication of how much we love each other and them. We do our best to give them the world and make sure we can squeeze in downtime for ourselves — both together and separately. 
And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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