FAQs Friday: Are diapers and wipes that expensive?

Are diapers that expensive

If $60 every two months is expensive, then you’re a cheaper date than I ever was!

I previously mentioned where I buy my diapers and wipes — and they’re great quality! I buy in bulk, this saves me from having to run to the nearest baby store every couple of days, weeks if I’m lucky.

I recently tried the Costco brand wipes and I fell in love. I give packs to family and friends so they can try it. The box comes with 9 packs of 100 wipes for $20. They’re unscented and super soft. As for diapers, I started paying close to $25 when Sebastian moved over to size 1. Since then the price has gone up. We’re on size 4 and we pay $38.99 for a box of 140. At one point I was getting about 400 diapers a box for less than 30, but with the size increase of diapers there’s a decrease in the amount of them per box. 🙁 Regardless, less than $40 for 140 diapers is pretty darn cheap!

Shopping in bulk makes me happy — I spend less for something I’ll definitely be using. Which reminds me, I’m almost out of Desitin. Time to head over to Costco <3

‘Til next week, loves!

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