FAQs Friday: How are you dealing with separation anxiety?

FAQs Friday

Sebastian is almost nine months and separation anxiety is slowly starting to kick in, but I’m doing my best to deal with it. How you ask? By making him feel as though I’m still in the room with him even if I’m on the other side of the house. Playing music helps, but when I sing to him he feels better. Who knew mommy could sing? Well, at least she pretends to. 

Another way I keep him calm is by letting him know what I’m going to do next. If we just finished a meal I explain to him that I’m going to wash his bowl and spoon. This works like a charm on Rocky when Jeff does it so it’s pretty interesting to see it work on Sebastian as well. 🙂
These boys are a trip… 

Mommy woke everyone up a little earlier than usual today. Here they are taking their mid-morning nap:

sleeping, baby, peaceful,

siberian husky, sleeping, dog


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