FAQs Friday: What do you feed your husky?

Old RockyRight before we got Rocky, May 2013.
New Rocky
Present day, March 2014.
People are constantly asking Jeff and I what do we feed Rocky. At first it was anything he’d actually eat. Lots of protein such as boiled chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs and different types of veggies. We fed him three times a day until we realized he had reached his limit. He stopped wanting certain foods. and craved others.
Fast forward to present day. All he wants is a variety of the same foods. One day it’s boiled chicken, the next wet dog food and the following his “salchichon” — which literally looks like the salchichon we eat but it’s actually turkey. We mix each dish with his dry dog food. Oh, and we can’t forget his turkey bacon. The grease from the bacon is what has given him such a shiny coat. And, it helps that he loves it! Although it’s more of a treat, like his yogurt cookies, grilled steak (no seasoning) and raw hyde.

We use the brand Blue for his wet and dry food and for the yogurt treats because their products consist of natural ingredients.

Please note that we do exercise him a lot during the week: Dog park almost every morning with about three 15-20 minute walks a day. The fun part about moving to Florida is that Rocky gets to enjoy the beach and doggy swims any day of the year. 🙂
Dog BeachMotivational Monday




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  1. salchichone i totally cracked up lol

  2. lol. He loves it! I honestly don't know what it is, but they have them in beef and turkey.

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