Jun 132014
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Whenever I think of a massage I picture relaxation and happiness. So when I bathe my little guy I like to not only clean his little behind, but also make sure he feels comfortable.

I love massaging my little guy, and I’ve been doing it since his first bath. It only only helps circulate his blood flow, but also helps him relax. Just like you love getting massages, so does your little one.

Through a quick online search I found this post from Baby Center, one of my favorite online parenting sites. They do an awesome job in describing the different massaging techniques for your baby.

Sebastian’s skin is very sensitive and he has eczema — thanks to mommy — so we’ve gone from baby oil to different lotions. Now we only use Cetaphil on his skin after each bath. He loves it, and so does his skin. It’s unscented and worth purchasing in bulk at Costco.

The best part of giving Sebastian a massage is it prepares him for nap/sleepy time. ­čÖé

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