FAQs Fridays: What are your favorite baby brands?


For those of you that know me and my love for Costco, you’ll notice all of the products shared in the image above can be purchased at Costco for a great price.

Before heading down South I made sure to purchase enough items for the last month or so we spent in Jersey as well as have enough for our trip and more. Of course Costco was my go-to spot.

Brands shown above as well as their price:
– Carter’s sets (Starting at $6.99);
– Kirkland baby wipes (900 count for $19.99);
– Johnson & Johnson head-to-toe wash ($11.89 for two 33.8 oz); and
– Huggies Snug & Dry (96 count for less than $40).

I also pick up a box of Desitin every other month or so. It’s so cheap – $11.

Why I love them:
Carter’s sets are 100% cotton and are great in the wash.

Kirkland wipes are very soft and convenient. They’re odorless and gentle enough for Jeff to use on Rocky and durable enough for me to use to clean the house. Yes, I use baby wipes to tidy up the house. So what!

Johnson & Johnson head-to-toe wash is great to use on Sebastian because he moves so much in the tub and all I have to do is pump twice and I get his entire body without having to switch to a different soap for his head while he’s splashing water all over the place.

Huggies Snug & Dry has been a favorite since Sebastian grew out of his newborn stage. Did I mention that he moves a lot? Well, this little one moves his poop around his diaper just as much. It’s nice to feel secure – for baby and mommy – that his poop won’t come out of his diaper.

Join me next week as I continue to answer your frequently asked questions.

‘Til next time, loves…

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