Apr 272016

Being welcomed into the world of motherhood sounds nice, but all the smiles fade when you do something outside of the norm. 

If you homeschool your children, someone will judge you. 
If you don’t reprimand your child, someone will think you’re too soft. 
But who cares what someone else thinks, right? 
I had this on-going battle in my head that I wanted to be perfect. But who was I trying to be perfect for? 
And their definition of perfect changed more than recent studies done on chocolate. One day it’s bad for you, and the next, it’s ruining your life. Regardless, I continue to love chocolate. And I could care less if you do, too. 
Much like my love for chocolate, and why I avoid what findings have been done on this amazing treat, I have developed a tough skin. 
And that’s something you need when you become a parent. People are brutal. No matter how nice you are, there’s someone out there who isn’t going to like that you’re nice. I know because it’s happened to me before on numerous occasions. 
But that’s okay. 
The value you bring to the table, and all the wonderfully unique things that make up your whole existence are what matter. 
Allow yourself to bloom, darling. It’s the only way you’ll ever find your full potential. 

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