Finding Love Through Everyday Life

The person you fall in love with may or may not be the person you’ve always dreamed you’d end up with. Luckily, Jeff came into my life at a time when I knew what I needed and wanted in my life. And somehow, he managed to meet all the requirements. 

When Reality Meets Destiny
I doubt there’s anyone out there who could pretty much guess exactly what their life will be in five years, let alone a year. But somehow I swore that’s how things worked; you planned the life you wanted because it’s exactly what you need. 
I was so wrong. 

Fresh out of college, working at a small company that was growing rapidly — everything made sense. I had planned to get rid of my first car and finance my second in hopes to have enough credit to purchase a home within five years. It sounded like I had everything figured out, at least that’s how I felt. But I was way off on where my life was actually going. 
I met Jeff at the dealership where I financed my car. We dated shortly after and everything went from 0-100 that year. 
Fast-forward to three years later (present day), we’re welcoming our second baby boy within a few weeks. Our big boy is two and in pre-school. We’ve traded our NJ licenses for a tropical lifestyle in South Florida. We love it, even with the struggles we had to endure the first six months. 
Everything Falls Into Place 
If someone asked either one of us if we ever imagined our lives to turn out this way, we’d both agree that we didn’t. But we’re both happy things have turned out the way they have. 
Each day gets better, even with the setbacks — like a very fussy toddler — we’ve learned to balance it all. 

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