Finding The Strength To Keep Going

Blogging Tips Discipline YourselfWhen you love something, you have to keep up with it and improve your skills every day. I have been blogging for years, but it was more in the form of a journal. Today, my writing is less personal. I blog about companies and events, share tips and so much more.

I recently mentioned three bloggers that inspire me to keep going. You can read all about it in this post. One of them is a fashion blogger I have been following since before my pregnancy — that is almost two years ago! Naty Michele of A Love Affair With Fashion has a wonderful story of why she started her little corner on the web.

I remember following Naty on social media to get the latest looks for the office, and when I found out I was pregnant, I needed tips on dressing with a bump. Although Naty does not cover this topic, she made skater dresses look fabulous, and when I got over my “I-look-and-feel-funny-in-dresses” phase, I knew it was going to be the perfect piece of clothing in my closet. You can read all about how pregnancy and skater dresses are the perfect match here.

Sometimes you follow someone on social media for one thing, and then out of nowhere, you start to learn from them. Naty always tells other fashion bloggers never to start a blog with hopes of just connecting with brands and selling ads.

Naty is no blogging expert, but many bloggers have reached out to her asking for tips on how to start and improve their blogs. “Blogging is a learning process; you learn as you go, and you see what works best for you, ” she explained in this 2013 YouTube video. “Things that might work for you might not work for me as well.”

Start Strong, And Do Not Forget Why
Finding the right reasons to blog means you search for a reason for creating your own place on the web. Naty has great tips for bloggers, here are five things she advises bloggers to do:

1. Figure out what your message will be to your followers. For Naty, it is all about shopping on a budget and getting that same look for less.
2. Make sure everything on your site: posts, images and anything that goes up on your site reflects that message.
3. Attend blogging conferences and learn as much as you can.
4. Keep a good relationship with all the brands you work with, and be professional.
5. Be confident and know what you have to offer. Do not hold back because of negativity.

It is so important for bloggers to discipline themselves, not only as a professional, but also as a brand. Your blog is a representation of who you are, and for Naty, it is important to be passionate about what you are doing. Personally, I believe passion should be the greatest motivation as a blogger. “Have fun with it,” Naty said. “It is such a great way to get creative. Be as creative as you can with your posts. Try to come up with new ideas for your blog.”

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