Finding Your Passion: It's Easier Said Than Done

Have you ever sat down and looked at a blank piece of paper? 
Sometimes that blank piece of paper is staring back at you, tempting you to write down your thoughts, but all you can do is think
You slowly begin to imagine all your ideas floating around in your head, and then it hits you. 
Why not combine everything you love into one huge opportunity! 
And then you realize that’s what you’ve been trying to do the whole time. 
Why I Started My Blog
This blog/website has been my creative outlet. A corner on the web where I express myself freely. 
It’s taken some time for me to realize selling myself short isn’t going to benefit me or my family. Selling myself short as in, charging little to nothing to help promote campaigns for companies. 
I remember when I first launched MomViews and the amount of time I dedicated to those segments:

– Drafting up questions based on select mom bloggers or moms in general. 

– Strategically picking out a quote to share across social media.

– Creating shorten links to share across all social channels. 
And then I changed my focus. 
I began to focus on affiliate programs for my blog. Promoting them, helping brands and the influencer programs I would use to connect with those companies. 
And then it really hit me. 
Creating My Own Brand 
I’ve always believed everyone has a voice, and it’s important to share your story. 
I turned to clothing items like t-shirts for parents. It was easy to design and ship out. 
The only issue was I had invested close to $200 in this “brand” only to see approximately $50 in return. I did partner with bloggers to promote the items, but I fell short. 
That’s when I realized something. I already had a brand: myself. And the best story I could tell was my own. 
Shortly after finding my voice, I was able to share my experience with others and develop meaningful connections. 
Once my focus became more personal, I started to get more offers. Offers that make sense for my blog, and I’ve even shared a few opportunities with bloggers I know who would benefit from the connection. 
To all those bloggers out there who feel the need to share everything that is pitched to your inbox or doesn’t know what to do with their blog anymore, I’ll tell them these three things:
1. Don’t give up yet. 
2. Remember why you started. 
3. Find the your voice. 
And just to throw it in there, next week is Week 2 of #BloggersonAnchor. I’d love for you to join all the awesome bloggers who are sharing their stories. 
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  1. Such a relatable post for all bloggers and non bloggers in general. Finding your passion is hard and even when you find it, following your heart and see where it takes you, is harder. My passion is writing and yet it doesn't pay the bills so it's a hobby for now. But I loved your oust, brings so many thoughts!

  2. Finding your voice is crucial! After three years of blogging I finally feel like I know who I am, why I'm doing this, and what I want to say. It's such a relief to finally have it all figured out!

  3. I definitely think once you find out your niche, things get so much easier.

  4. Love this advice. I have worried about defining my niche, but I think it is more important to share may stories and through that I am finding my voice..The rest will come.

  5. Thank you for your patience and making your blog so great ! Totally love it, keep up the good work

  6. I think the biggest thing is to remember why you started. If you can do that, you can keep going!

  7. Finding your passion may not be easy but it's so worth the effort. And from that passion find your purpose.

  8. An inspirational post certainly for new blogger, like me. Why we started to blog, and find our own voice are two important things, that at least for me to continue this journey.

  9. It took me over 35 years to find my true passion, writing. Even then I knew it was going to be an uphill battle, but because I love it, I keep going.

  10. i think this is important to always go back and revisit your 'why' for doing things. i know i need to do this from time to time to stay focused.

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