First Trimester Tips You Need To Know

what to expect during your first trimester

Are you ready for the best 9 months of your life? Don’t worry if you’re not. Most women aren’t, including me. I recently had a beautiful baby boy and I’m excited to share my experience with you.

As a first-time mom, I find that there are a lot of questions I needed answers to during my pregnancy. I hope this blog post helps you answer some of the questions you may have.

My first trimester was exciting. As a first-time parent, I wanted to get the most out of my experience. I did a lot of searches on Google, asking around in an online mom forum and even asked family and friends about what to expect.

Below are a handful of tips that kept me sane during my first pregnancy.

Brushing Your Teeth While Pregnant

They say your first three months are the worst! Morning sickness is more like “around-the-clock” sickness. If you’re experiencing anything like what I had in my initial trimester, then you probably can’t have a glass of milk without wanting to barf.

For those moments when you’re brushing your teeth and you can’t seem to brush your tongue without feeling nauseous, try brushing with warm water. I tried this during my second month and it worked. I was glad I had discovered this because I always felt dirty not brushing my tongue.

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If your prenatal pills make you sick, I suggest taking them at different times of the day. For me, mornings and afternoons were tough since I was always on the go. If you’re pretty active throughout the day, try taking the pill before you go to bed. To help my baby’s bones (and my own) I’d take it with milk.

Also, you can try taking the pill during a meal. I know a few women who did this and it really helped.

Eating Through The Nausea

This is the worst time to say you’re going on a diet. Remember you’re eating for one and nourishing two. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the excuse “I’m eating for two” while they devoured a whole pizza, ate bowls of ice cream or worse: constantly ate Popeyes, Wendy’s or McDonald’s at 3 am just because “they craved it.”

Stop! You’re hurting yourself and the baby. You’re not craving anything at 3 am. You just haven’t been eating enough for the two of you.

You may find it difficult to eat throughout your pregnancy. One thing that really helped me was eating fruits and occasionally some veggies. I used to eat broccoli like crazy prior to getting pregnant.

First trimester tips for you to try today!
Don’t try going on a diet your first trimester. It isn’t worth it.

Having Sex With Your Partner

Family and friends always ask about this one. Personally, I say do it. Unless there’s nothing medically wrong or has been discussed with your doctor, I suggest doing the deed with your partner.

Don’t be afraid that you’ll hurt the baby. Trust me, I had the same thought when my guy and I would get in the heat of the moment. Remember, if you bleed a little after, it just means you two were going at it a little rough.

Be sure to enjoy yourself and keep in mind that you want to keep the baby happy and yourself. That endorphin rush is actually good for your baby, partner and yourself. So, having sex is a win-win. 😉 Enjoy!

Shopping For Your Baby While In Your First Trimester

During my first couple of months, I had a habit of shopping for the baby. It was addicting.

Each week I’d give myself a budget and buy something for my partner, the baby or myself. I’ve always been a fan of shopping for others, but once I started splurging on myself, I knew there was a problem. I wanted to feel sexy. I felt it was a need or else I’d feel ugly and let insecurities ruin my relationship and pregnancy.

How did I combat this problem, you ask?

I stopped buying clothing and went for shoes. It didn’t take long for me to kick this habit as well because I wanted heels all the time, and eventually, there came a point when I couldn’t buy any more. I started focusing on the baby’s needs and little things to spoil my partner.

This, too, came to an end.

There’s a reason they invented baby registries, and I couldn’t help but search for the best prices — “penny-pinching mommy” kicked in. I knew I didn’t want my guests overspending on me, so I used Amazon, Target and Babies ‘R’ Us to compare prices. Some were confused as to why I would have multiple registries, but those who knew me didn’t have to question why. They understood why I did it.

Going Out/Keeping Busy During Your First Trimester

One thing that I learned from my pregnancy is that how you feel is mental. I remember going out for my partner’s friend’s birthday while I was four months pregnant. Although I wasn’t in the mood to go out, I knew it would mean a lot to my partner if I went with him. I had a good time and I was excited to hear the news that one of his friends was also expecting. Turns out, she, too, is having a boy.

I will admit, there were times I didn’t want to move a finger and stay in bed all day — typically on Sundays — but I knew I had to get up and keep going.

After all, the best exercise is doing work around the house, according to my mom. It’s good to keep busy in general, and it’s a great work out not only for your body but also for your mind.

What first trimester tips would you add for my readers? Tell me in a comment below!

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  1. It is good to get what you can done in your first trimester. I also felt the worst then, so I got a lot of sleep too!

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