23 Fun Mom Ideas To Do With The Kids

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This post was updated on July 1, 2020

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Thinking of ways to entertain your kids this summer? Make sure to give these fun mom ideas a try. With more than 20 activities to do with kids, there's no need to pull out the screens.

Finding time for what matters should be simple, right? Well, when you’re juggling a lot on one plate and trying to balance a couple of things on another, you almost forget the golden rule of parenting. Folks, I know it’s not always easy to be present, but there are a handful of ways to do so without losing your mind.

Thinking of ways to entertain your kids this summer? Make sure to give these fun mom ideas a try. With more than 20 activities to do with kids, there's no need to pull out the screens.

In 2018, I promised myself never to let everyday life get in the way of parenting. After all, everything I do is for my kids, so why wouldn’t I want to spend more time with them?

Unfortunately, there were times when hanging with the kids would get stressful. Within seconds, I’d go from trying to be a fun mom to being a grumpy one. I had to learn how to embrace the mess (at least until the fun was over), instead of driving myself insane because there were LEGO pieces everywhere.

Be A Kid At Heart

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I think back to the things that made me smile as a kid. At one point, it was playing games on my phone. The irony is, I use my smartphone to communicate daily with clients. It wasn’t until I rediscovered my love for LEGO products that I started to make use of the time I have with the kids.

Unplugging from my mobile phone and laptop during the day meant more time for my family. This also meant more time to complete tasks around the house.

When family and friends ask what my secret to keeping the kids so well-behaved, I let them know bribery and spending time together is a huge part of it.

So, here’s where I spill my Fun Mom ideas. Are you ready?

Let this summer be the time you focus on stress-free, family fun ideas to do with the kids. Below are 23 ideas for you to try this summer break (or week):

1.Plan a trip to their favorite store and let them play in the toy section

This is something I love to do with the kids since it’s free entertainment for them. They enjoy looking at different toys they’ve spotted on YouTube or commercials — yes, I make the kids watch commercials.

2. Build an indoor fort and enjoy a movie with the kids. 

Movie nights are always a good time for the kids. This is when they get to pick out a film they’d like to see together. Planning movie nights when my husband is home is one of our favorite things to do. It helps keep their bond strong.

3. Let the kids use their imaginations and tell scary stories together. 

Kids love to use their imaginations throughout the day, why not let them entertain the crowd with a story? One of the ways I get the kids to sleep without reading to them during our bedtime routine is by letting them tell me a story. I use this time to help them to properly express themselves.

4. Create an obstacle course at a local park and have small prizes waiting for them after each one.

A challenge is a plus because it allows the kids to make use of good competition. There’s nothing wrong with setting up prizes for the winners.

5. Bake something delicious and let them decorate it.

Whether you choose to go with something sweet or something to add to your dinner dishes, it’s important to let the kids help out in the kitchen.

6. Have a pretend-play food challenge for them to come up with creative dishes for you to judge. 

One of our favorite pastimes is playing chef challenges. My husband and I like to play the judges and the kids enjoy cooking for us. I will say, the dishes the kids come up with are quite interesting.

7. Visit their favorite playground and have a picnic.

The kids love to eat, and it’s no surprise that when we mention family picnic, they choose to do it at a local playground.

8. Run in the rain. 

I did this a lot as a kid and it never gets old. We’ve run in the rain with the kids during the summer months to help cool off after some outdoor fun.

9. Pick seeds from your kids’ favorite fruits and use them to make your own home garden.

Planting something with the kids can teach them the value in having patience. Our kids enjoy helping with our garden. It’s a great way to teach them about caring for the environment as well.

10. Plan a karaoke night with their favorite songs.

The kids love singing songs from their favorite musicals. Karaoke nights are a great way to get them to build confidence.

11. Have a dance-off with the kids.

Dancing the energy off from a long day is a good idea when you need something to tire the kids. This is one of my go-to fun mom ideas that help me, too.

12. Visit their favorite family member’s house.

The kids love visiting their favorite cousins from time to time, so we make the trip whenever we can.

13. Host a movie night for them and their friends. (BONUS: Have their favorite snacks available)

Inviting friends is a plus. It can help another parent get other things done or even socialize with you. Snacks are always a plus when you’re hosting a family night.

14. Surprise-attack them with water balloons or squirt guns.

Water balloons are always a hit around here. We love surprising the kids with water play ideas like these.

15. Host a family Nerf gun fight in your garage/backyard.

Nerf gun fights are just as exciting as water play. It keeps the kids on their toes and some competition is never a bad idea.

16. Take a walk around the neighborhood and play I-Spy.

Walking is a great exercise idea for the family when you’re all at home. Throwing a game into the mix is a fun way to keep the kids’ minds active as well.

17. Create a new game together with silly rules to follow.

This can get interesting as the game goes on. Our kids do this already with popular games like Monopoly and such. Creating your own game makes it even more exciting.

18. Take out those coloring books and bring images to life.

We love coloring with the kids. It’s one of the ways we keep the stress levels down around here. It also entertains the kids for more than 10 minutes.

19. Look up recipes and cook something delicious.

Baking is always a good idea for the kids to try. Simply letting them into the kitchen has proven to help with their nutrition (they taste as they cook) and teaches them a life lesson.

20. Take out a blanket, grab your favorite snacks and enjoy the stillness of the night.

Night picnics are a thing. You can just head outside to your patio and enjoy the way the stars look with the kids. Talk about the day or something you’re hoping would happen that week/month. Discussing family goals is always a plus!

21. Play hide-and-seek throughout the house.

Playing games indoors can get a bit out of hand. However, if you set boundaries you should be okay. Also, tidy up beforehand so no one gets hurt running around.

22. Start a collection together.

We’ve been working on collecting items for years. From LEGO pieces to Marvel products. It’s been interesting playing with the kids and sharing my love for toys with them.

23. Pretend something is different.

You can say the floor is lava or someone who is invisible is going to grab you. Anything that will get the kids thinking about their next move.

Have you tried any of these fun mom ideas with your kids?


  1. Great ideas to live well in 2019. thanks for sharing this.

    1. You’re welcome. Happy to help anyone looking for great ideas with the kids.

  2. I love this! We have let my toddler jump in puddles and play in the rain barefoot, cook with us (loves cracking the eggs), decorate cookies and build forts. These are great ideas and I’m going to use them. Thank you!

    1. That’s awesome! We love doing silly things with the kids. Makes you relive your childhood.

  3. I wasn’t a messy player when I was was kid I know. But encountering so much kids as I grew older I knew i had to deal with the mess they made for I will be dealing with it someday whether I like or not. Lolz

    1. Ha, yes! You end up dealing with the mess regardless.

  4. Being a kid at heart has a great value in this world. So often times we place ourselves by what society wants us to live.

  5. These are such fun activities to do with kids! I love having a karaoke night with my host kids…

  6. I don’t have kids yet but I remember myself as a kid vividly. I would have been over the moon to have my mom play with me that way

    Happy New 2019 Year! Best Wishes!

  7. I love these. Especially the baking ones and to surprise the kids with a water gun attack.So many parents don’t have fun with their kids, we should totally try. Laughter makes sweet memories!

  8. These are just the kind of things kids really love to do. My granddaughter likes to take rain walks. 🙂

  9. I love this and a lot of these are totally going on our bucket list for the year! You sure sound like a fun mommy!!

  10. You have a great list here. My husband and I are in the process of adopting so I will definitely use some of these ideas for once we get a placement and the adoption is finalized.

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