The Mom Survival Guide To Game Day

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Planning for Sundays can be exhausting, but what if I told you there’s an easier way to prepare in advance?

We love having family and friends over for events, and we like to make our guests feel welcomed. I will admit that although I support my husband’s favorite football team, I’m not one to sit and watch an entire game. Watching sports has never been my thing, I’d rather play them. 

Chips and salsa are a classic for game days. Going for healthy snacks can be rewarding when they’re delicious!

If you’re like me and need a few pointers on how to make Game Day a success without the stress, then I recommend  these five tips below:

  1. Shop for the right snacks. Having delicious snacks is always a plus. Throw in healthy, too and you’re sure to make an impression on your guests. Bonus: When guests enjoy the food, there’s less to put away.  
  2. Add a touch of Game Day themed items. There’s nothing that gets everyone more excited about an event than arriving to a themed party. It makes attendees anticipate what’s to come.
  3. Ask what everyone likes to drink in advance. Most of the time people will respond with “beer” but not everyone drinks the same beer. I like to buy a separate case for my husband since he likes to have a cold one throughout the week.  
  4. Plan something fun for the kids to do. Sundays are family days, so we can’t forget about the kids during Game Days. Whether it’s simply throwing a bunch of balls in the yard or setting up some indoor games for them to enjoy, kids like to feel included. Don’t forget to make sure they are. 
  5. Keep the kitchen accessible. Although it might be Sunday and you’d like to rest, having a clean sink will make tidying up a lot easier once everyone has left your home.  
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Jenga is one of the most entertaining for kids. They love building and knocking things down. 

Game Day Snack Ideas

Choosing delicious, healthy snacks is a no-brainer when you stop by your local Publix. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. Lately, we’ve been trying a variety of dishes with the new Fresh Cravings Organic Salsa. It has an incredible flavor that’s made with Certified Organic fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes, crisp vegetables, and zesty peppers and spices. 

All ingredients are non-GMO Certified Organic, and the handcrafted small-batch recipe is never cooked or pasteurized.

Fresh Cravings Organic Salsa is competitively priced to many traditional non-organic salsas, so you it will meet your shopping budget as well.

We use Fresh Cravings salsa during Game Days to add flavor to our Shish Kabobs, as a side dish for our Carne Asada as well as a dip for our chips.

Shish Kabobs are great for family and friends to enjoy. They’re fun to make as well. 

How do you celebrate Game Days at your home?


  1. The only thing store bought for us will be the chips. I realize some people don’t care to cook and like the package items for easyness

  2. We won’t be watching football, but we do like to eat, so I always love to have salsa in the house for a snack. I like to watch TV shows, so I enjoy snacks while I’m doing that.

  3. Oh my goodness! I haven’t played Jenga in ages! I really love it though, and I bet my grandsons would, too. I’ll have to pick one up and take it the next time we visit.

  4. These sound like some great tips to help Mum’s survive the big game day! The chips and dip sound absolutely delicious as well.

  5. I’ve had that organic dip before and its delish. Always a must for the big game party

  6. My husband could watch football all day but the SuperBowl does not start until after six. Getting ready with a big pot of chili or another vegan choice is our favorite way to prepare.

  7. oh my gosh this is PERFECT for all us moms trying to make it work ha. games are def a huge thing for us and having the kitchen accessible is key too! snacks are always a must!

  8. Any tips I can get me through a game day party with ease I am all for. You have some wonderful to tear. That’s salsa looks delicious by the way.

  9. Tasheena Nicole Johnson

    These are all great ideas. I love trying new games on game night. Jenga is actually one of my favorite games.

  10. I enjoy watching football, but the right snacks are absolutely essential. The big game just isn’t complete without them.

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