The Giving Birth Series: An Expecting Mom’s Guide To Pregnancy

The Giving Birth Series: An Expecting Mom's Guide To Pregnancy

This cheat sheet gives expecting moms access to necessary tips on what to expect during the different pregnancy stages and points out ways they can improve their mental health.

The act of giving birth can be exciting and scary — all at once. It’s a good idea to know what to expect and how to handle situations throughout pregnancy.

For instance, staying active throughout pregnancy is great for labor and helps with body aches. One of the ways to stay active is by doing at least one of the following:
– Swimming;
– Riding a stationary bike;
– Practicing yoga; and
– Strength training exercises

How To Handle What Comes After Giving Birth
Most women have reported going through depression after giving birth and several said they wish they had thrown in more time for themselves.

With the number of changes a woman experiences after giving birth, it’s no surprise to find more women are experiencing postpartum depression during this stage. Whether it’s the first time giving birth or the third, this new mom’s guide to pregnancy need-to-know information will come in handy.

Expecting moms will learn:
– The Common first-trimester pregnancy symptoms;
– How to dress the bump;
– The necessary items for a c-section recovery kit;
– How to introduce a dog to a newborn;
– Ways to read baby bedtime stories; and
– New mom self care tips

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