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Finding the right shade of red lipstick has always been a challenge for me. For years, I would say red lipstick wasn’t for me. That changed when I met Marcella Bosch of Glam35.

With clever names like Red Carpet Red, Infrared and Vibrant Vermillion, Glam35 is already making a name for itself in the beauty industry. According to the website, its products are paraben free, BHA free, sulfur free and cruelty free

So, what inspired Bosch to create her makeup line? Prior to becoming a mom, Bosch had already built a career in the beauty and fashion industries for years.

“I worked in buying and product development,” Bosch noted in an interview with Motherhood Through My Eyes. “However, after I had my third child two years ago, two things happened simultaneously that was kind of a ‘perfect storm’ of inspiration.” 

She then explained: “First, I realized that I couldn’t do the corporate grind anymore. I needed to work in an environment that allowed me to control my own schedule because I valued my time with my children too much.  So entrepreneurship was the natural path.”

“Second, I had just turned 35, and was beginning to notice the emerging signs of aging on my face,” she continued. “Just because I was a busy mom, it didn’t mean I needed to give up on all things glam.”

Bosch found herself having trouble finding makeup products out in the marketplace that spoke to her demographic and solved the problems she faced. “I sought out to create a line of problem/solution makeup products made specifically for maturing skin,” she shared. “We make everything of the highest quality here in the USA, with safe, clean ingredients, and incorporate key anti-aging ingredients.”

New Products You’ll Love

As soon as you land on the Glam35 website, you notice there are two products that will be coming soon to the market. Bosch shed some light on what we can expect to see and when it’ll be available.

“Launching in January, these two products are our Age +  Inspire Ultimate Face Base and  Age + Inspire Ultimate Lip Base,” Bosch noted. “They are both primer products and will work in seamlessly with your current daily makeup routine.”

She added: “The lip base is your first step in your lip color application. It moisturizes and prevents all feathering — which becomes a big issue when you combine mature lips and lipstick pigments.”

 The product also includes some anti-aging ingredients, such as jojoba esters (a naturally derived moisturizer), Vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant that reduces UV damage and protects skin from free radicals), peptides (which promote the regeneration of natural collagen in your skin – responsible for firmness and elasticity), and ceramides (lipids that form a protective layer that plumps the skin and helps retain moisture).

The face base is pretty special too, according to Bosch. “It comes in a pot and has a gel-like texture, but feels totally soft and weightless on the skin.  This works to help fill in fine lines and pores, before you apply your foundation.  When you age, face products like foundation, concealers, and powders sink unattractively into these crevices in the skin, and this product helps alleviate this, but also takes your traditional face primer a step further in that it also includes the key anti-aging ingredients hyaluronic acid and peptides.”

Beauty Industry Predictions And More

With years of insight as to what products will be a hit in the beauty industry, we asked Bosch her prediction on the products that will be a success this holiday season.

“There are already some clear winners in the market this season,” she stated. “Huda Beauty came out with a spectacular eye palette that includes a new, sophisticated take on adding glitter glam to your holiday look. The holidays, as always, give women the perfect reason to fire up some bold red lip shades.  I’ve seen some stunning looks that include a festive pop of red.”

Finding the right lip color can be exciting during the holiday season. I was able to try four different shades from the Glam35 collection and I finally found the red lipstick that matches my personality and everyday life. Bosch shared a quick tip on how moms can stay fabulous despite their day-to-day activities:

“I always encourage women, especially maturing gals, to be bold in experimenting with bright lip hues,” she discussed. “I find that a vibrant lip color makes my skin glow, my teeth look whiter, and gives me an all over healthy look.”

With Glam35, Bosch hopes to inspire other women, regardless of their age or family circumstances, that if you work hard enough, and never give up, you can create a change in your life.

“I’ve been so fortunate in my life to have had wonderful female mentors, who have taught me that I am worthy of making my life into whatever I choose,” Bosch shared. “We are so fortunate as women to live in this day and age, where we can control our own destinies, and finally have many tools at our disposal to succeed.  And we need to take advantage of that.”

For updates on the official launch date of the products mentioned above, head over to the Glam35 Facebook Page or Instagram Profile

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  1. Looks like a great make-up line to try. I’ve been wanting to experiment with some new lipsticks. I’ll have to check these out.

  2. I’m exactly like you, and kinda steer clear of red lipstick as I just don’t seem to get it right! This line sounds really great and I especially like the sounds of their Face Base – I definitely need that!

  3. I love a splash of red but I have to be in the right mood and in the right outfit!

  4. I love a splash of red but I need to be in the right mood and the right outfit.

  5. This sounds exciting however I don’t tend to wear too much make up but I do love a good lippy! It sounds like you can be glam and raise beautiful children, something I’ll be looking forward to when the time comes! 🙂

  6. Great post. I will be looking out for the new products in January. I love trying out new products.

  7. I’m in the same boat! Getting to be an older mum and wanting to spend more time with the kids is the perfect reason to carve out your own path.

  8. I love red lipstick and wear it all of the time .it’s my ”go to’ colour.

  9. Whoa! Those reds are amazing! and you found a red lipstick for everyday. Which is it?

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