GlamST App: Discover A New Look

GlamST the appTry something different, without really putting it on.

Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to test and share my experience using GlamST app through a BrandBacker campaign. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Being a stay-at-home mom means you do not always have the time or the luxury to step out and get a new makeover. With the GlamST app, moms can try different styles — hair color and makeup — without having to actually step foot into salon and I can skim through celebrity looks and try them on as well. This is a plus in my book.

Launched in November 2014, GlamST app is an online platform, which aims to create a new way of selecting and buying products. The app was created by two women engineers. who decided on this project to bring innovation to a problem women face everyday: simply choosing makeup that not only works for them, but is trendy.

So, how do you use this awesome app?

Before we begin, I want you to take a good look at the original selfie I posted on Facebook last week, which screams tired mom in need of a new look, PRONTO! Although my mom friends all agreed on how pretty I looked, I think that selfie (and the person in it) needs a new look.

1. Head over to the iTunes App Store and download the GlamST app (or simply click here).
2. Use your Facebook or Google Plus profile to sign in or you may login with your email/signup with email.
3. Select Details. Match your Eye Color, Hair Color, Skin Color and Type, and share your age range.
4. Now choose between #BetterLookingSelfie options, #CelebritySelfie options or among #ITGirls like Emma Stone.

Once you have selected your preferences, you can skin through different styles and choose which ones look best on you.
GlamST App control panel

The Control Panel
If you want more details on a specific look, simply click on the makeup button o the far left.
I love that I have access to three different price ranges for my desired look. I am a woman who loves a bargain, so if I can get the same great style for a cheaper price, I am all for it!

Here are examples of all three options:
GlamST App Sexy ExampleIf you find a look you love, simply click on the item and purchase it from the Sephora website.
GlamST App Buy At SephoraGlamST App Inspiring PhotosThe lightbulb icon is to view inspiring photos of other women that have tried this look. GlamST App Share Your SelfieThe square with the arrow icon (which is always highlighted in red) allows you to share your GlamST app selfie.
GlamST App Day And Night Look
The moon and the sun icon are to switch between day and nigh looks. I did not see much of a different when I switched over to night, except the color of my face seemed to get a bit darker.

And just in case you thought I was joking about the tired mom look, here is a side-by-side comparison of my original selfie and my GlamST App selfie: GlamST App Side by Side ComparisonThe best part is I was able to create these looks and find inspiration while breastfeeding my son.
Go, me!

And just to add how cool this app is, I was able to try on looks from celebrity moms I think are very stylish: GlamST App Angelina Jolie Look GlamST App Eva Mendes Look GlamST App Heidi Klum Look GlamST App Reese Witherspoon Look
Check out the GlamST app on iTunes.
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