Goldfish Swim Makes A Splash To Pembroke Pines

This post is part of a collaboration with Goldfish Swim School.

The Goldfish Swim School team has opened its doors in Pembroke Pines and are ready to help kids and parents stay afloat on the importance of water safety. Goldfish Swim School is known as the premier learn-to-swim facility for kids ages 4 months to 12 years. 

I had a chance to meet with Tim Fracassi, General Manager at Goldfish Swim School earlier this month and it’s exciting to hear about their ultimate goal — help save lives — and how the new location will allow them to do so. 

“You hear about the drowning statistics in Florida and it’s scary to think about the lives that could’ve been saved,” Fracassi said in an interview for Motherhood Through My Eyes. “If we could help change those numbers, in this community alone, that would be rewarding.” 

At Goldfish Swim School, kids learn at their own pace and move up when they’re ready. You can book year-round swim lessons, and take advantage of their small classes sizes (4:1 student-to-teacher ratio). 

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Located on 9821 Pines Boulevard, the new facility is equipped with kid-friendly amenities such as a hair-drying station, swimsuit dryers and spacious changing rooms.

Its shiver-free, 90-degree pool has a state-of-the-art water purification system that reduces the effects of chlorine.

Birthday party packages are available. “Each birthday package includes birthday decorations, cupcakes, and access to the pool with lifeguards available during the event.” 

He added: “Birthdays are booked for Saturdays. All you need to worry about is the food.”

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Here’s a sneak peek on how the mural next to the pool was created: 

Not sure if Goldfish Swim School is for you? Here are four ways to find out:

  1. Tune in this Friday for the SoFlo Moms On The Go segment highlighting the new location and its features. Hosts Dana Peller and Heather McMechan will be live from their Facebook page this Friday at noon ET. 
  2. Join the Goldfish Swim School team this Saturday, October 27th for the Open House and Free Family Swim Day.
  3. Stop by November 10th for the Grand Opening Party. The event will take place from 1 pm to 4 pm. It will feature Open Family Swim, raffles, face painting, arts and crafts, a photo booth, refreshments, and so much more! The best part, it’s free and open to the public.
  4. Make your way to the facility on your own time to speak with the staff to learn more. 

So mark your calendar, and be sure to help prevent another drowning in your community.


  1. This school looks so cute! As a native Floridian, I know just how important it is for kids to learn to swim. I am in Houston now, and my boys go to a school that sounds almost exactly like this one, called FINS, and they love it there! They’ve both learned so much and my oldest is very confident in the water, my youngest is getting there!

    1. It’s important for you and your kids to feel comfortable with the school. Good for you for being so proactive!

  2. I started my kids in swim lessons when they were 6 months old. It’s the absolute thing I’ve done for them (extracurricular activity wise). They love the water and are such strong swimmers delicate their young age.

    1. You see, here’s a mom who gets it! Swimming lessons are a wonderful gift for the holidays as well.

  3. Swim lessons are a great way for kids to become comfortable with the water and learn how to swim. We moved into a new house with a pool last year and the first thing we did was have our kids in swim lessons!

  4. This sounds great! My daughter started lessons when she was about 1 and is now a competitive swimmer training 7 times a week! I think it’s so important for children to learn to swim!

  5. tHis is great. My son and I need this. Yes, I don’t know how to swim and I’m 30. Lol! We’ve been wanting to take swimming lessons before we went on a beach weekend getaway. But there are no swimming lessons offered in our area at this moment.,

  6. I have to agree that teaching your children how to swim early is very beneficial. With schools and special programs like this one, there is hardly any excuse not to do it. Plus you don’t want to be that one person later in life who is ashamed to say they don’t know how to swim.

  7. Looks so beautiful! I do think that it’s very important for kids to learn swimming at a young age. I learned in my 20’s and it was pretty difficult!

  8. This school looks so amazing for swimming lessons. How fun. I think these are so important. My daughter took from an instructors home. Love this!

  9. This looks like a great swim school! I really need to get my youngest into lessons.

  10. 90 degrees, wow, that’s comfy-warm! Sounds like a great facility for kids! My kids LOVE swim lessons!

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