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Living in South Florida can be terrifying at times. You’re surrounded by water and wildlife. As exciting as it might sound to explore these two, there are dangers to not knowing how to approach them. 

Although I don’t foresee our family approaching wild animals anytime soon, I do know that encountering a large body of water is inevitable where we live. 

With the community pool just a block away from our home and a man-made lake in our community, I always felt it was important to have the kids learn to swim.

Our first lesson had our second-born son a little worried 

I will admit that I didn’t know what to expect when we entered the Goldfish Swim School in Pembroke Pines for their Open House event. I had a lot of thoughts running through my head. Most of them were of fear, and some were positive. 

Those thoughts of fear slowly began to fade after each swimming lesson.

Our first lesson was exactly what I expected. Crying children, a stressful session with our three-year-old son and having my husband arrive late from work to meet us at the location. 

Getting ready for the water at Goldfish Swim School in Pembroke Pines. 

After the first swimming lesson, we knew not to overpack and bring the essentials.

Curious what the essentials might be? Below is a list of four things you’ll need to bring during your swimming lessons at your local Goldfish Swim School:  

  1. A positive attitude. It sounds like a no-brainer to bring good vibes to a new class, but kids and water can be a terrifying combination. You’ll need to think of the benefits of swimming lessons instead. 
  2. Your swimsuit. Once you and your child have decided to make the commitment, you’ll need to dress for success. Pack your bathing suits and towels to help you prepare for the time you’ll be in the water. 
  3. A change of clothes. You’ll need something to change into after your swimming lessons are over. Most Goldfish Swim Schools have a drying station for your hair and clothes. 
  4.  Some spare change. No matter how little the victory might be, everyone likes to be rewarded. Goldfish Swim School has snack jars available for you and your child to enjoy for a small fee. They also offer weekly prizes for your child to pick up after they’ve completed their lesson. 

A Sneak Peek Of The Facility

The waiting area next to the Dry door,
right before you go into the pool section for your lesson. 
The blow-dry bar is ideal for the cool winters in South Florida. 
Our three-year-old son getting used to the water and saving his new friends
Mickey, Nemo, Goofy and Pluto. 
During the fourth week, we were able to get our baby girl floating
and enjoying the water with little assistance.
Our baby girl waiting for class to start with my husband. 

Aside from these four essentials, you can also bring a smile to cheer others along the way. Everything else is optional. 

Have you tried swimming lessons with your little one? If so, share your experience below! 

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  1. Great facility to our kids to learn how to swim while they are having fun altogether. Facilities look very wonderful and very child interior design will definitely a great hit for our kids.

  2. This is amazing! I know it can be hard getting kids to all their extras, but it’s so worth it for them, especially to learn to swim.

  3. I have heard such great things about the goldfish swim school! I wish they had this type of school when my kids were younger.

  4. This has to be the coolest swim place I have ever seen. I would definitely go here with my boys. We haven’t don’t swim lessons, just go to our families pools a lot and teach them.

  5. Nice blog. Daughter and sons really needs to have an early swimming lesson. They might fear water if they greqmw older. It’s a priceless gift of  knowledge if they could learn this skill.

  6. I moved to an island in the south pacific and needed my kids to learn to swim pronto. Thankfully, they went to a school where the first semester physical activity was SWIMMING! The learned how to swim in no time. It was awesome. This facility looks super cute.

  7. I did swimming lessons with my granddaughter, at her grandmother’s insistence because we’d just purchased a home with a pool. I taught my other 3. I don’t have a preference. both ways were fine. 🙂

  8. I used to do something like this when I was a kid and I loved it! I want to take my kids and I have to admit that most of them don’t know how to swim!

  9. This looks like such a fun place for a child to take swim lessons. I love the atmosphere and how it is decorated. I’ll have to look for similar places in my area. I do agree, a child knowing how to swim is so important.

  10. This is so nice. Yesss, i recently move to pvilly from Florida but with all that I still miss it. The kiddos seemed to have fun

  11. your baby girl’s photo is so adorable. It’s a good thing she’s not afraid of water. My niece was afraid of water when we first went to the beach. It took a few years before she starts jumping and swimming to every pool and beaches we visit

  12. That was so exciting! Swimming lessons is a must, so for the parents out there, don’t think twice to teach your kids some swimming lessons.

  13. I wish I would have started my kids off with swimming lessons at a younger age. Knowing how to swim is so important.

  14. This school looks like a cute and wonderful place for kids to learn how to swim. <3 I wonder what age kids can start to swim?

  15. I just read an article yesterday that said that they expect an increase in drownings this year because more parents will be distracted since they’re now working from home. One of the most important things you can do is make sure your kids know how to swim! My kids took swim lessons when they were little and the instructor even explained how to rescue someone without falling in or getting hurt yourself.

  16. This is so cute, the place is awesome! I can’t wait to going back to our neighbourhood swimming pool as soon as they open it.

  17. This is such an adorable place to do kids swim lessons! Thanks for the heads up about the spare change. I hardly ever have cash or change unless I plan ahead. I hope the lessons go well!

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