Have You Heard Of Roseola?

roseola, treating roseola, caring for baby with roseolaThis is a personal question for other parents/guardians. I just found out about Roseola this week when my son caught the virus. On Monday I noticed Sebastian wasn’t acting like himself. He barely ate his breakfast, slept most of the morning and well into the afternoon. He also had a minor runny nose. I felt an excess amount of heat when I touched his forehead and once I checked his temperature I knew why.

The thermometer read 101.5. It was a fever. I was scared. He had never experienced this before. I called the doctor’s office. No response, not even a machine or an answering service. I phoned my mother and told her his symptoms. She suggested I take him to the emergency. I called Jeff to let him know, he didn’t answer so I sent him a text. Our pool guy had stopped by so I asked if he knew of a nearby hospital. He wasn’t familiar with our town — he lives in the next town over (In Florida, each town is like a whole different state. They typically have everything they need in their own town.)

So I rushed to get my son in the car and off to the hospital. Jeff called back while I was driving away. He suggested I check with the doctor first and try to give Sebastian some Tylenol. I really don’t like medicine. It usually does more harm than good, but I knew his fever would only get worse if I didn’t do something immediately.

I pulled up over two blocks away from our home into Sebastian’s doctor’s office, who had already closed for the day, and got everything ready to give the little guy his first dosage. He didn’t fight this one. After getting him home, I patted his little forehead with a damp cloth. Jeff was already on his way home and arrived just as he had fallen asleep. I told h im how scared I was and what my parents had suggested. We made the decision that if his fever didn’t go down by tonight, we would have to storm out to the emergency room. Luckily, his temperature did cool off. It went down to 97 or so. We were very much relieved. But, the scare wasn’t over.

We did not know what Sebastian had until we met with the doctor the next morning. However, the night before was not fun. We both forgot to give him a second dosage of Tylenol and he woke up screaming and with a fever again. Ever since then, we have been keeping track of when to give him his medicine. Doing this has helped calm him down and give us back our happy-go-lucky baby we love.

The doctor told us about the symptoms and how he will be developing a rash once the fever is gone. I am not a fan of rashes (I had plenty of those growing up — thank you, sensitive skin and eczema), but I will take a rash over a fever any day! His doctor also mentioned Sebastian will not have much of an appetite, and he may develop diarrhea and nausea. He had diarrhea yesterday (check) and has been throwing up the medicine since yesterday (check). I am hoping the fevers go away soon. He is currently sleeping peacefully. I touched his head and it is as cool as mine. Yay! I hope your child doesn’t develop this. The last two days have not been fun. For now, we are monitoring his symptoms and doing our best to lower his temperature with Tylenol every 3/4 hours, lukewarm baths, water and a damp cloth. I am also breastfeeding him as well to keep him hydrated. 

Here are some signs your child or a child you know may have Roseola:

– Sudden high fevers (103 ^) that lasts up to 8 days
– These high fevers en suddenly
– Sore throat (some cases)
– Stomach ache (some cases)
– Vomiting
– Diarrhea
– Child is irritable
– Loss of appetite
– Rosey-pink rash develops after fever (non-itchy)

To learn more about Roseola, click here.


  1. So sorry to hear baby is ill… I hope he gets better soon. I remember how scared I'd get when my babies would get sick but you are a wonderful mother. Keep doing what you are doing and he'll be much better sooner than you know it. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Janeth. It hasn't been easy the last two days, but he's getting better. 🙂

  3. So sorry to hear about your little guy. We have had it before and it is no fun. Hugs to you and your family while he is getting over it!

  4. Thank you, Jen. He's a lot better today and we're at a family gathering. He's excited to finally be out of the house.

  5. yes me daughter just had this to but her case is more serve unfortunately and her temp went up to 105.7

  6. Sorry to hear. I hope she's better now. It's the scariest thing with babies. :/

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