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Motherhood Through My Eyes
Your health is wealth, or so they say. 

My mind has been all over the place since finding out that my uncle is battling with lung cancer. I think about him every day and even at night. I imagine what my aunt is going through as she watches her husband slowly fade away.

He was given three to six months to live and told it could be less. It’s been a couple of weeks since the doctor said this to him.

Some nights are tougher than others for him. I haven’t really called them to hear how he’s doing. The last couple of times we spoke, he was so down it broke my heart. My father keeps up to date with how things are, and I keep in touch with my cousin to know how she’s holding up.

Distance can really make you feel helpless when someone you love is hurting.

Interdependency Is A Blessing
To find someone who can meet your needs and shares your dreams is beautiful.

What scares everyone is how much my aunt depends on my uncle, but no one seems to understand how much they’ve depended on each other.

For years, I’ve always admired their relationship. They always make the best out of their time together. No matter where they are, they’re always by each other’s side. If you’ve ever watched the video of the grandparents who didn’t know they were on webcam and know of my aunt and uncle’s marriage, you’d agree that this is them to the T.

Some would say my aunt isn’t strong, but if you see her and the battle she’s facing, you’d agree that it takes great strength to hold back the tears. To push through the next day after a long night of trying to comfort your husband because he couldn’t breathe.

Knowing that someone cares you enough to spend every moment by your side should help in overcoming this nightmare. But he’s not in control, and he’s already mentioned how he feels his body shutting down.

My uncle is in his late 70s. His children are all adults. He’s seen his daughters get married. And yet, he’s still hanging on. I’ve discussed things about the situation with his youngest daughter who is a lot like a sister to me. She worries for her mom but understands her father is very sick.

Speaking The Truth
For my uncle, being sick at his age is the least of his worries. He has enjoyed his life, seen different parts of the world, and watched his children grow. To me, he’s fortunate to have such a wonderful life. We love him dearly, but we’re slowly accepting the facts. Cancer has slowly taken away his independence. Some days he can’t walk and relies on a wheelchair, other days he’s feeling like a champ. Those are the good ones, the ones that give us hope.

He may find strength one day, but I think he knows more than anyone that every day is a step closer to unknown.

Will he defeat this? I sure hope so. I’m waiting for the day to have him here in South Florida so he can go to beach, and see the ladies in bikinis (he only says that to get a reaction from my aunt).

Reader Comments

  1. Tima I’m so sorry about your uncle! Cancer sucks!!! My family has been affected by it in so many different ways and it makes me so sad when I hear stories like this one. 🙁 I wish your aunt continued strength and peace and comfort for your uncle. It sounds like they have a bond that many couples can only dream of. Stay strong my friend! Sending you and yours much love and prayers.

  2. I really feel for your uncle and your aunt. This is why I hate cancer so much. They take so much from the people that we love. It’s heartbreaking to see a loved one go through so much pain and you can’t do anything about it. I will be praying for you and your family.

  3. I’m sooooo sorry to hear what your family is going through! Your uncle sounds like a great man and your aunt sounds like a amazing, strong women. All you can do is continue to show the love and support by being there even if it’s a simple text or call. I went through a similar situation when my mother became very ill and passed away 4 years ago. God bless you all… Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

    1. Thanks, Glenda. It’s always tough when someone we love is in pain. Love and support is the only way to get through all of this. My heart goes out to you and yours. Four years is a long time, but I bet it feels like just yesterday :/

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