Easy Healthy Lifestyle Changes For Busy Moms

Making lifestyle changes can be rewarding for busy families. Whether you’re running around with the kids, or simply adjusting eating habits, there’s a lot that goes behind doing so.

It all starts with changing your mindset. Telling yourself something is impossible because of a busy schedule won’t help.

In fact, the more you tell yourself something is impossible, the more you believe it.

Breakdown the word “impossible” and you’ll notice the word itself is telling you it is possible. Regardless of how busy you might get throughout the day, there’s a chance your body will tell you what it needs. Whether its food, water or a bathroom break, your body knows what it needs.

It’s time you start listening to it.

To help you implement healthy lifestyle changes, you’ll need to work on forming new habits that set you up for success. Here are 9 easy changes you can do to be healthier and ease into an overall healthier lifestyle.

1. Get a fitness tracker.

Look for a fitness tracker that will count steps, track sleep habits, and track heart rate changes so you can see how much you really are moving. There are fitness trackers that can help you stay moving throughout the day. Simply turn on the sedentary reminder to get you up going more often.

2. Carry a water bottle with you.

Keeping a water bottle handy will help you drink more water throughout the day. Some choose a filtered water bottle. This does help with maintaining the purity of your water.

3. See your doctor for a physical.

It’s easy to say you’re healthy, but it’s another to actually feel it. Many times we think we can self-diagnose our condition — feeling overwhelmed? Maybe it’s due to my diet.

Book yourself an appointment with your physician and make sure you’re doing what you can make those healthy lifestyle changes.

While this may not be the top thing on your list, visiting your doctor can be an important step to getting healthier. Be sure to have blood work ran to check your cholesterol and other essential functions of your body.

You won’t regret it!

4. Practice mindfulness to help improve mental health.

You do not have to take up meditation or yoga to practice mindfulness. In fact, there are a number of books and articles available online to help you. Start practicing mindfulness now by looking for everyday opportunities to live in the moment. This can be as simple as writing in a journal.

5. Reduce your screen time.

It’s not only kids who should have limited screen time. Adults need to limit themselves as well. The light from your phone can interrupt your sleep and cause damage to your eyes.

Make a point of putting down devices throughout the day. If you work on a computer, then consider getting blue light blocking glasses to help protect your eyes.

6. Join a sport you like or find a workout buddy.

Joining a sport or having a workout buddy can help motivate you to keep going. When you enjoy your exercise you are more likely to stick to it and make a habit of enjoying those healthy lifestyle changes.

7. Meal plan and freezer cook.

Not only will you save money by not dining out as often, but you’ll see improvements to your overall diet and health. While meal planning, make it a point to work on balancing out your meals. You can do this by adding more fruits and vegetables.

8. Take a quality vitamin supplement.

Adding vitamin intake to your daily routine can help you get the nutrients your body needs that may not be available in your meals. Simply add a quality multivitamin to your daily routine or medications. Be sure to consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

9. Find a hobby that makes you happy.

Your physical health is as important as your mental health. Investing your time into a hobby you enjoy is a great way to help you stay active. Bonus if you can turn it into a side hustle. Remember, if you do something you enjoy, then it won’t feel like work throughout the week.

Have you made any healthy lifestyle changes this year? Share them below!

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Healthy lifestyle changes that make a difference in how you view yourself and the world around you.


  1. robin rue

    A fitness tracker made all the difference for me. Being able to see the results really helped motivate me.

  2. Amber Myers

    What great ideas! I do have a fitness tracker. I always try to get 10000 steps a day. I have been working on reducing screen time.

  3. Tara Pittman (@momknowsbest15)

    These are great tips. I need to freeze more meals. Then maybe I can cook dinner more often

  4. Dana

    A fitness tracker is so important when you’re trying to stay healthy. It’s a great tool for monitoring your activity levels.

  5. Brianne Tursi Manz

    I feel like I’m constantly on the go! These tips will go a long way for keeping a healthy lifestyle.

  6. Audrey Cuoto McClelland

    These are great ideas! I feel this post was written just for me. I love my fitness tracker. Reducing screen time can be a challenge, especially since I work online, but it’s not impossible.

  7. Marie

    All of these tips are perfect. I have done all of them at times. Now if I could master most of them most of the time! Eventually, life will get easier. Thanks for a great list!

  8. Candace Hampton

    All of these are great! Luckily I consider fitness a hobby, so I killed two birds with one stone there! Practicing mindfulness can definitely be improved on my end though.

  9. TheSuperMomLife

    These are all very doable! I’m always afraid of change when it comes to our lifestyle, but I can do these things without issues!

  10. Jasmine - Blogging and Living

    Doing meal plans and having a hobby/multiple hobbies is life changing. You won’t be worried about what to eat and it makes it easier to go grocery shopping when you have meal plans. Having hobbies helps you to feel more fulfilled in my opinion. I think everyone should have a few that they enjoy involving themselves in.

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