Holidays Are The Toughest

When you’re raising kids away from family and friends holidays are probably one of the toughest things to deal with. Oftentimes it feels as though you’re practically left on your own to figure out how to make each one a special day for your kids.

There are a variety of things to do to help fill the void of not having family and friends nearby. For starters, it’s important to keep yourself busy. The less you think about what you’re missing out on, the more you appreciate the moments you could be having with those around you. 
Holidays remind me of the simple things my mom would do for my brothers and I as a child. On special holidays, we woke up to small baskets filled with candy. I try to keep this tradition going for my boys, but it’s not always easy when you’ve got 50 million other things in mind. 
Below I is a list of three things that have helped me deal with holidays away from family and friends:
1. Going out. 
You know what they say, “home is where the WiFi connects.” As long as I’m not home where there’s temptation everywhere to work on my blog or answer an email, then I should be fine. 
2. Planning a day they would enjoy. 
You don’t necessarily need to head outside to enjoy a fun-filled day with family. There’s so much to do at home. And if they’re young enough, you might trick them into helping you do a house chore or two. 
3. Running an errand. 
When you’re busy focusing on something else, it helps you forget about whatever thoughts you may have. Often when I run an errand with the boys I like to include something that would make them smile. It could be stopping at our favorite ice cream shop or stopping at a local park with snacks. 
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