How Friendships Compare To Flowers

I’ve never been a fan of flowers, but with time, I’ve learned to develop a certain type of respect for them. 
Not only are they beautiful, and some are quite rare, but flowers remind me of the importance of inner peace and beauty. And most importantly, it reminds me of friendships. 
To work on inner peace, you need to work on all the things that don’t allow you to grow. 
Like a flower planted in a garden of weeds, you’ll never know your full potential until you clean up around you or are picked up and moved to a different location. 
That’s where friendships come in handy. 
Not many people realize how important friendships are in life.
Most people focus on having a significant other, and how much happiness it would bring them. 
But that’s a false sense of happiness. 
True happiness comes from within, and friendships can show you the way. 
With time, you learn to nourish your soul, become one with your roots, and understand where your heart longs to be. A true friend starts with you. 
If you’re kind to yourself daily, then it’ll be easier for you to accept the kindness of others. 
Spreading your roots won’t happen overnight. 
But that’s the beauty of it.

Each day is a step closer to where you’d like to be, and most importantly, where you need to be. 
Use self-growth to move forward from whatever may be hurting your happiness. Sometimes it’s the wrong friendships. 
With the right people by your side, you’ll find the strength to open your petals. 
Don’t worry about what other gardens are sprouting. Your petals are amazing because they express inner beauty, and the wonderful struggles you embraced to reach this point. 
Like flowers sprouting in a garden, your friendships can help you stand tall. 

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