How Superman Saved Us


We both planned to settle down in the next five years. A year hadn’t passed when I got pregnant. I felt I let myself down. I always expected so much, wanted more… but did I need it?

We had a life, but we weren’t really living. Since the birth of our son we’ve been able to let our guard down, love and really learn to appreciate simplicity. Before he came into our lives my honey was getting ready to move down South.
Of course I was upset but I couldn’t do anything.

Finding out I was pregnant was just what he needed to forget about the move and focus on what mattered: our child.

We went to the doctor to confirm and there he was, in the form of a little peanut.

Having a child has enabled us to become more family oriented. We’re always celebrating other good news from family and friends. It feels as though everything has fallen into place.

You see, babies aren’t easy; They don’t come with instructions or warning labels, but Sebastian did bring happiness and unconditional love into our lives.

Truth is, he saved us from ourselves.

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