How To Avoid Blogger Burnout

If you’ve been following my blog lately you’ll notice a number of posts I’ve shared in the last couple of weeks. And that’s because I’ve been able to improve my time management skills. 
With my little guy now in preschool, I have early mornings and mid-mornings to work on my blog. But, regardless of how much time I set aside to focus on my website, there are other factors that come into play. 
Blogger Burnout Is Real
For those of you who have ever felt uninspired, and had to take time away from your blog, there are several things you can do to get back into the zone. Below I share four of my personal favorites:
1. Let inspiration find you. 
Keep busy with everyday life. Whether it’s caring for your family or simply hanging out with friends, you’ll always find something that can inspire you to share your experience. 
2. Step away from your blog. 
I’ve seen a couple of my favorite bloggers take a break from writing and focus on others things, like family or work. And honestly, that’s probably one of the best ways to regain your sanity. Sometimes as bloggers we’re so focused on getting content out that we forget to just breathe. 

3. Brainstorm ideas with someone you love or another blogger. 
You’d be surprised how much you can take away from a simple chat about your blog with someone else. Whenever I feel stuck about upcoming posts I ask Jeff if he has any thoughts/ideas on a certain topic. He’s always willing to help, and that’s just one of many reasons I love him. 🙂 
4. Research. 
No, I don’t want you to go out and study several articles or reports on a given topic and write about it. You can simply look at your blog stats and see what’s driving your readership. Maybe it’s a how-to piece you’ve  written in the past or a quick recap from an event. Either way, you may want to keep track on the type of posts your readers enjoy to help you create future posts. 
How do you overcome blogger burnout? 


  1. I totally have to step away from my blog sometimes..great tips here!

  2. Great tips! I tend to take a break from my blog when I become overwhelmed, especially when my posts start to feel forced instead of me actually enjoying writing them. xxo

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