How To Break Away From A "Broken Heart"

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Whenever you love, you run the risk of having your heart broken. How have you healed from a broken heart? How did you master the art of forgiveness and letting go of the pain? How did you learn to love again? 

There’s a beauty in letting go that not many people know. I often smile at the concept of “heart broken,” because technically your heart isn’t broken. If it was, you wouldn’t be alive today. 😉

For me, it wasn’t the easiest thing. It took me a little over three years to get over a past I swore I saw a future. During the time I recall hoping that with time things would work themselves out; we’d be more mature and maybe build a future. But when something doesn’t work out, there’s always a reason. So, I began to think of all the reasons why it didn’t and kept them in my back pocket — literally, in my phone under the Notes app with the title “My ideal man.” In that note I listed everything I wanted/needed in my other half and most of it I didn’t see in my past. I was determined to let go. I began dating myself, going places I wanted to go, visiting friends and keeping in touch with people I love.

Slowly I fell in love again. This time, with life.

Forgiveness wasn’t easy, but I had to forgive myself for being blind and allowing myself to be blinded.

Below are a 5 tips to healing yourself:

1. It’s okay to cry.
If you’re going to cry, cry in the shower. It always feels more refreshing.

2. Your friends and family are amazing. 
Never forget that. Sometimes you have to go through something to realize how great the people in your life are.

3. Find closure.
A good friend once told me that you sometimes find closure from within, and he was right. Stop trying to find the answers to the questions you have, those answers won’t help. The best answer is, “life goes on.”

4. Do what you love…
…and do it often.

5. Date yourself. (This is my favorite! I did this for about a year)
Get to know everything about yourself and fall in love.


When you love you
it’s easier for someone else to.

Your turn.

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