How To Cook For Your Dog And What Dishes To Try First

Learning how to cook for your dog is as easy as feeding your family. Find out how we create our own dishes to feed our dogs using these simple reminders. Also, we've included some food options for you to try with your dog.

Improving a dog’s health starts with the type of food they consume. Learning how to cook for your dog is quite simple. In fact, less is more when you consider the types of ingredients you will find in store-bought pet food.

Most bags available at the grocery store contain by-product meal, a substance that’s used in place of the real thing. The best source of nutrients for pets is home-cooked meals. These are easy to make and better to digest for pets.

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One of our go-to dishes is chicken, rice, and vegetables. The chicken we make for our pups is often boiled. Sometimes, we put it on a pan with little water just to let the chicken get a little flavor.

Although creating dishes for a pet as well as family members might seem like additional work. The best approach is to create similar dishes for the pup as you would for the family.

On days we have a chicken dish, we make chicken for the pups. The same goes for days we eat beef and days we eat salmon.

Learning how to cook for your dog is a lot easier than you think. Meat and poultry are simply placed on a pan or a boiling pot (however you prefer).

Option 1: Rice, chicken, and veggies

Boil rice in water with only olive oil.
Skip the salt and other seasonings you typically add to rice recipes.

Choose to boil a chicken breast or sautee it on a hot pan.
No seasoning necessary.
If you’re looking to naturally add flavor to the chicken, simply sautee it in little water until the chicken begins to brown.

Whether you choose to boil the veggies with the chicken or separately, it’s up to you.
You can go with chopped raw vegetables as well.
Our choice of veggies is carrots and peas.

Option 2: Salmon with potatoes

Just as you’d sautee the chicken on a pan, you can do the same with salmon. For added flavor, you can sprinkle a little olive oil on top.

Remove the skin from two or three potatoes.
Similar to boiling the chicken, you’ll need to boil the potatoes in a pot of water.

Option 3: Steak and eggs

Often cooked on the grill, the steak can put in aluminum foil and place on an outdoor grill. The aluminum foil helps contain the juices of the meat and adds flavor.

Boiled in a pot of water and served without seasoning.

These options are a great starting point for how to cook for your dog. Here’s a video on how we cook for our pups and ourselves daily:

Food For A Shiny Dog Coat

While you can improve a dog’s coat with external factors like quality grooming you can not get better than a quality diet.

A diet that fulfills your dog’s nutrition needs and provides vital fatty acids will leave your dog’s coat shiny and bright. To do this you want to look for the right pet food.

Salmon is also one of my favorite dishes to feed our pets since it helps with their dog coat. Anything with natural fats is a great source of protein for a shiny dog coat.

When looking for the right food for your dog, it’s best to consider your pup’s breed. Large breed pups need more nutrition than smaller breed pups.

It’s important to pay attention to the nutrition of the food you’re giving your dog. Amino acids are essential to a shiny, bright coat and overall health. From the heart to joints that tend to wear down with age, the right nutrients will help keep your dog feeling and looking their best.

Starting a pup on a diet that is packed with quality amino acids from a quality protein source at an early age can get your pet off to the right start.

Older pups will need even more omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. These can be found in proteins including fish and poultry.

For healthy skin and coat, feed your pup plenty on Vitamin B, including thiamine, biotin, riboflavin, and niacin. Just like with humans, these types of vitamins encourage strong healthy and shiny hair. When choosing meals for your pups, always look for quality meat, fish, and grains that provide your dog with plenty of these vitamins.

Eggs make a great addition to your dog’s diet. By offering your pup eggs once a week, it will help in providing them with enough protein, omega fatty acids, and Vitamin B.

Do you have any tips on how to cook for your dog? Share them below!

Learning how to cook for your dog is as easy as feeding your family. Find out how we create our own dishes to feed our dogs using these simple reminders. 

Also, we've included some food options for you to try with your dog.


  1. I make peanut butter pumpkin treats for my dogs and they really like them.

    1. I like that combination. They say pumpkin is good for the pups’ digestion.

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