#HowIBreak: A Little Time Out For Mommy

HowIBreak Time Out For Mommy

What timeout for mommy looks like…

It is so easy to forget to take time out for yourself. By simply implementing more mini-mommy vacations into your day, you are taking little moments from your busy day to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Is that not what matters most?

Waking up has been tough lately. With the recent changes to Sebastian’s nap time comes a very tired mom. By the time Jeff gets home I am ready to hit the sheets. I am pretty sure there are other moms out there that feel the same. I often tiny reminders throughout the day to breathe. Whether it is my son tugging at my yoga pants while I am trying to finish cleaning the floor or our furry son reminding me that we have not taken our afternoon walk, these moments are why I cannot help but smile.

On Mommy Timeout I…
Monitoring my social feed is a must! It is how I know the progress of my current #MTMEshop giveaway and keep an eye on my blog stats. When everything is done for the day, I like to sit back and plan upcoming posts, read what my blogging friends are up to and check social media for the latest updates on family and friends back up North.

The MTME shop basic mug has been my companion lately. Warm hot chocolate or a little milk and cookies to tame my sweet tooth. Sebastian joined me the other morning. He had some hot chocolate for the first time.

The “Take A Break With Me” basic mug is available at the MTME shop for $10 and can be ordered here

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