Huggies To Offer Discounts For Diaper Banks In 2017

Huggies has announced the company will offer a program that allows diaper banks to purchase bulk quantities of “high-quality Huggies diapers at competitive prices,” as noted in a press release. In addition to this initiative, Huggies said the company will match all Reward Point diaper donations made to help babies in need.

“Having access to a Huggies quality diaper through this program is the best value the network has had yet,” according to Joanne Goldblum, CEO of the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN). “In addition to the 20 million diapers that Huggies donates to NDBN each year, the new diaper purchasing program will provide NDBN-members access to a trusted source of diapers needed to fully serve struggling families in their local communities.”

If you’re looking to help support babies in need, simply donate Huggies Rewards Points, and Huggies will match every point donated through Dec. 31. You can also try the new Huggies Rewards app or visit for more information.



  1. What a great idea and cause, thanks for sharing!

  2. This will help a lot of families especially since diapers can be pretty pricey! I think it’s awesome that they’re doing this. It’s such a nice program.

  3. That is so great! Huggies was my favorite brand when I had babies. (No diapers at my house anymore.)

  4. I love Huggies! This is such a nice thing, and something useful for so many that struggle.

  5. what a great cause for working.

  6. What a lovely cause. I love it! I dont have kids but Ive heard of Huggies before though. Awesome and beautiful blog too. Merry xmas

  7. Great product and a wonderful cause! I love supporting companies companies than take an active interest in something other than corporate profits.

  8. Diapers aren’t cheap, everyone who’s had a baby knows that. I had to struggle buying them for my twins and it’s so nice that huggies is doing this!

  9. Huggies is really giving Pampers a tough competition, and the former doesn’t want to give up with causes like this. Everyone’s happy in this case!

  10. It is a great product. Less expensive and useful.

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