Jul 242014

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The All You Need is Love Project is a movement to inspire more love on this planet. The more we come together, the more love we can share. Join the revolution here!

Let’s give the universe some blog love by sharing with your readers a blog you enjoy. It may be a very popular blog or simply a blog just getting started. Whatever the blog is, share with us why you love it. What makes this blog special?

I try to do my best to keep up with everyone’s blog, but some times I just cannot seem to find time in a day to read them all. A personal favorite is Carmen ShuGar’s ShuGar Love blog. Carmen makes it so easy to keep up to date with her latest posts through social channels, such as Google Plus. I love receiving a notification that says she has shared a photo of her adorable little Camdie, etc.

ShuGar’s blog is an inspiration, not only because of her current All You Need Is Love Project, but also on the beauty of motherhood. I always look forward to her posts, and keep an eye on the latest topic for Thursday.

Your turn.

Want to join in? Cool! You don’t need a blog, you can just take photos and use the hashtag #allyouneedisloveproject — it’s that simple. But, if you have a blog and want to join us each Thursday, you’re more than welcome to do so.

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What's life like with three kids and two pups? It's entertaining, that's for sure! MTME breaks down family fun ideas and shares personal insights from a former B2B editor and digital marketer turned mom running a business and a household -- all under one roof. With her husband as her #1 fan, there isn't anything she can't accomplish. Read on to learn how she breathes in fire and exhales success.

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