Nov 072013

You could probably add these folks in with my support system , but they deserve a post of their own.
Since meeting Jeff, I’ve grown fond of a few people. People that I’ll miss when we leave (hopefully they’ll come join us down South one day). Jeff’s cousin Vivi and her husband are probably the cutest couple you’ll ever meet. They have two wonderful daughters — three by the end of February 🙂

Jeff has mentioned that the reason the four of us get along is because we’re pretty similar. Based on the conversations I’ve had with Vivi and Jay, I’d have to agree. I’m excited for their little one, and wish them the best.
Other additions I’m thankful for are Lily — one of my older brother’s girlfriend, and Rocky. Lily’s one of the sweetest people I know and has helped bring happiness into my brother’s life, and for this reason I’m thankful.
And last, but not least, Rocky. A heck of a baby-trainer and a wonderful dog. Everyone loves him, and I’m proud of the tough guy he’s become. Although I wasn’t ready for a dog — or a big one at that — I knew it was the right choice.

There are more people I can think of to be thankful for, but these folks really stood out on my mind at 4:30 am. Give me a break, here!

Fatima Torres

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