3 Yummy Alternatives To Ice Cream

Keeping cool during the summer months is a breeze when you have ice cream. 

But what if you’ve given up on eating it and need an alternative for when the ice cream truck cruises down your street? No worries, I’ve been there. 
Yes, it’s hard to believe I’ve cut down on my ice cream intake. In fact, there was a time I would stock up on ice cream bars whenever I went food shopping. This was during my first pregnancy and it didn’t help our toddler who is now as addicted as I was. 
So how do we tame our sweet tooth? It’s pretty simple. We go for other alternatives to ice cream. I’ve shared three of our favorites below:

1.  Frozen fruit smoothies.
Whenever we make fruit smoothies or fruit juices I put them into an ice pop mold and freeze. It’s one of the best treats for a teething baby or even for on pool days. 

2. Cool Whip and fresh fruits. 
I started doing this recently on days when I crave ice cream or something sweet. I purchase a small cup of Cool Whip and throw in some sliced bananas and strawberries. It’s like eating banana split, but without all the mess of sticky syrups and nuts everywhere. Although, some nuts would be great with this mix!

3. Fresh or frozen fruit. 
Fruits, in general, are always a great alternative to eating anything else that’s sweet, like candy or chocolate. They’re nature’s candies! I remember when our threenager didn’t want to eat I’d bribe him with fruits — bananas and strawberries were his favorite!

Stop by my Pinterest Board, Pure Deliciousness, for recipes on treats your family will love! 

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