If These Walls Could Talk #31WriteNow


I’ve always wondered what these four walls would say if they could talk. Maybe they’d remind us of the first time we chose blue, and how happy we were. Or maybe the back-and-forth between Jeff and I when we couldn’t decide between the hues.

These walls were once home to his exercise room. I had been in all the other rooms but something always drew me to this one. Maybe I knew it would one day be Sebastian’s. Who knows.

As cranky as Sebastian would be, there was something about these four walls that always kept him calm. I’d take him in, show him around and explain what he could do with each item: starting with the many naps he could take in his crib, to the first bear his father purchased last Christmas when he found out we were having a child.

It broke my heart thinking of the little time he spent in his room. I pictured us raising our little family in our home. But now it’s off to Florida, the sunshine state. I’m excited, nervous and scared. Jeff can relate. As for the boys, they’re little angels in the car. Of course, we have made a few stops to help keep them happy (and for our own sanity).

‘Til tomorrow, loves…

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