IKEA Shares Workspace Tips With Bloggin' Mamas

Transform Your Workspace
Mom blogger network Bloggin’ Mamas recently hosted the Bloggin’ Mamas Academy Event at IKEA of Sunrise, FL. Attendees were greeted at the door by an IKEA employee with a smile and directions to the event locations.After filling our tummies with delicious meals from the food court, mamas made their way to the workspace station to hear tips on how they can improve their office space. From big spaces to very tiny ones, IKEA of Sunrise is no stranger to many of the questions attendees threw at them. According to one of the employees, this location houses as many products as any other IKEA store. The difference? They are able to do so in a smaller location.Employees did a great job in sharing their expertise on home office spaces, and even shared a couple of personal scenarios during the presentation. The key concept during their presentation was Make It Work. Whether you have an extra room for an office or a closet you have turned into your personal space, you need to make it work for you.Below are five additional tips discussed during the presentation: 

1. Avoid clutter. 

Dealing with clutter makes you want to take your laptop from your desk to the living room, or even the kitchen. Less is more.2. Inspired space is key. 
Think of thought-provoking colors to paint your walls. When choosing storage space, try to match your storage cabinets/boxes to the color of your walls. Also, do not be afraid to use colors, bold fabrics, etc.3. Think UP!
If you feel as though you do not have enough space, think about going up. Use vertical book shelves, or even horizontal top shelves.4. Your workspace should reflect you.
Clients might be paying a visit to your office on a regular, so make sure it is tidy and tells clients about your work ethic.5. Imitate what you like. 
If you enter an IKEA store and you see something you like, do not be afraid to replicate it.Thinking of shopping at IKEA for your workspace? Stop by your local store, they have way more items in-store than they do online.Happy shopping! 


  1. Great recap! We really did have a good time didn't we? BB2U

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