Improving Your Bedtime Routine

 For some people, going to sleep at a reasonable time is a luxury. Everyday life seems to come way before a goodnight’s rest.
Lauren over at Working Mom Magic did a great job in sharing tips for better sleep you can read all about it over here. 
And although there are numerous ways to mentally unwind, there are 3 things you should try doing every night to improve your bedtime routine that your body will be thankful for. 
Take a warm bath/shower. 
Your muscles have been working hard all day and the best thing to help loosen them up is the sensation of warm water. 
Exfoliate your skin. 
Getting rid of dead skin and cleaning your pores are essential to maintaining a healthy, natural glow. 
Moisturize where you need to. 
If you wear flip flops or open shoes on a daily basis, you may notice the back of your heels are cracking. One of the best solutions I have found is using a pumice stone. I’ve actually found several here in the beaches of South Florida and give them to family and friends. Another great solution is using a really good moisturizer. 
While moisturizing your skin, gently massage the lotion on your skin. This will help you unwind and ease off the stress.
Do you have a bedtime routine to help you unwind?

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  1. Great tips! Going to start doing these… or attempt it more 😉

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