Improving Your Newsletter’s Look And Feel

Newsletter tipsTechnology is improving every day, and for those of us in the blogosphere who would like to improve the look and feel for our blog, there are numerous options. You can go to the professionals, or you can rely on online design tools for guidance. I know several graphic designers, including my oldest brother. Because I am always changing my mind, I rather leave all the design ideas and graphic designs to myself. I can be very indecisive, so it saves me from giving people headaches.

I have been signing up to different online newsletters and paying close attention to the ones I receive on a daily/weekly basis for ideas on how I can improve my own. I think I have finally created a layout that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to alter each week.  
Whenever I have an idea in mind, I write it down/type it in my Notes app. If I cannot stop thinking about it or if I keep adding to my thoughts, I turn that dream into a reality.  That was what I did with MomViews, my online shop, the “Love Yourself” movement and now my newsletter. All this while being a mom and doing freelance work. Apparently, I like to add more to my plate than needed.

If you have a website or a certain topic you would like to feature every week, be sure to provide valuable content for your subscribers. One of the best ways to do this is to think of the topic you like to read and helpful tips others would find valuable. Each week, I share blogging tips for my readers, and I put it in my newsletter for my subscribers. This not only helps generate more views to my site, but also can be of value to those who may have missed it.

There are several websites that offer free newsletter services. My personal favorite is MailChimp. You can create segmented lists, your own templates or pre-designed, and have up to 2,000 subscribers.

Simplicity Is Blitz
One thing I have noticed with most newsletters is that less is more. The less crowded your newsletter is, the better. I receive the TechCrunch newsletter every day and I honestly do not know where to focus my eyes. Here is an example of a newsletter that really inspired me to K.I.S.S — keep it simple, stupid

beauty blitz newsletter

The Beauty Blitz newsletter is simple, easy to read, and highlights the “read more” link that leads to the entire article. I love that! And I love that this issue featured my college friend, Klaudia, as one of the hair models. Side note: She has been working at Beauty Blitz since we graduated — about 4 years ago! You go, girl! 😉

5 Things I Love About The Beauty Blitz Newsletter
1. The “Hello, gorgeous” greeting makes readers feel beautiful, and I am all for uplifting others’ spirits. So, taking from their idea, I added inspirational quotes to my header using Canva. You can read all about my tips on creating images and more over here.

2. The article sections are very helpful for readers looking for a quick read or more information on a certain topic. For instance, the Q&A section lets readers know the article features a brief interview on a model’s routine.

3. A big emphasis on the feature piece that gives your eyes somewhere to focus. The minute you open the email, your eyes are drawn to the two hairstyles and the next thing you want to know is why you are looking at the image. This moves your eyes to the headline.

4. There is a sense of simplicity all around. The phrase “less is more” is very true. Your eyes are drawn to color, but too much and it might feel as if you are looking at a Picasso.

Beauty Blitz newsletter 2

5. Links to more categories on the website and their social media websites.

Are there any newsletters that have stood out to you lately? Comment below! 

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