In Love With Thursdays

i love thursdays

I was always a fan of Wednesdays — it’s the middle of the week — but ever since I met Jeff, Thursdays have taken its place. Thursdays have always been our days, and I love them. I look forward to spending most of my day with him — they’re like Valentine’s Day except I share my time with our boys.

Mornings are similar to the rest of the week: Jeff will spend time with Rocky at the park while I make breakfast for the family. We’ll eat and head out to enjoy a beautiful day. If it’s raining, we’ll watch a movie on the couch. Sometimes we meet up with Jeff’s brother and his family for a beach day or just to hang out. Either way, it’s a great day because I get to spend it with my love.


Now, excuse me… I have a date with my boys. 🙂

‘Til tomorrow, loves…Motherhood Through My Eyes Signature


  1. I always love dates with my husband. We are busy with two girls and it's nice to get time to ourselves.

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