Introducing the Going Chic Series

Going Chic (1)

Dressed to impressme!

In an effort to move away from my everyday “mom wardrobe,” I will be sharing trends I love and more in the Going Chic series. I recently interviewed the lovely Julie Kalimian, Founder of SkinnyShirt, on how moms can put the mommy buns and yoga pants aside. You can check out her segment on MomViews over here

Every week, I will be sharing different looks that I find from other bloggers, designers, and shops.  So come join me on my wonderful journey of going chic.


  1. That's great! I recently realized that I need to stop dressing so… comfortable and start looking at being stylish (again). It's a weird thing to realize.

  2. I know the feeling, this is why I wanted to start the series. It definitely is a "game-changer" when you realize all you've been wearing are leggings and tees. But you have to admit, there's nothing quite as comfortable.

  3. […] for this week’s Going Chic series, I am sharing my thoughts on the Everlasting French manicure set from KISS. It cost less than $5 […]

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