Jamberry Nails: An Easier Way To Get A Manicure

Jammin With Jamberry NailsKeeping up your nails just got easier.

Getting my nails done is the last thing on my mind, and yes I know it is good for moms to get some alone time. I rather do my own nails, and prior to my son’s birth, this was something on a weekly basis to help relieve stress. Now that my son is 1 1/2, I feel uninspired because with all the cleaning and running around, I really do not feel it is necessary anymore.

Application KitsTwo weeks ago I saw one of my Facebook friends had posted a photo about Jamberry nails. Her post went into details about the company and how she had free samples to share with anyone who was interested in the product. I left her a comment asking if it was a gimmick. I had seen so many moms posting about it on social media and I was worried they would sign me up for something if I showed the slightest interest in these products. My friend, Tara Puntasecca, reassured me that was not the case and would be happy to send a free sample my way for me to try. You can check her shop out here.

I was excited to see the postcard had arrived that weekend and I set up some time during my son’s nap time to work on my nails. This used to be part of my routine when the little one fell asleep. Now it is all about cleaning up and catching up on my blog.
After watching the application video, I got to work. The problem was I could not use the blowdryer to fully stretch out the nail wrap because my little guy was sleeping. So I decided to breathe on my nails instead. Oddly enough, this worked. I am going on week two of this 7-day challenge and my two ring fingers still look great! I did change the color of my nail polish and have used bleach during the week which you would make you think the nail wraps would be peeling off. Thankfully, they are still intact. As for my other nails that have a base coat and regular nail polish, they are chipping.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of my nails from last week to this week:
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 3.28.07 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-24 at 3.50.28 PM

What I Love Most About Jamberry Nails
After choosing the pattern from Tara’s free sample choices, I realized I chose a tough one. At least if I went with something floral, I could match it with any of my fall or spring colors. With the pattern I selected I was able to get a little creative and think of different ways I can wear it. I have a romper with similar lines that I had not worn in a while. It was nice to wear it out.

Waiting for my nails to dry has always been a hassle for me, and with a baby your hands are always cleaning up messes. But, this should not be an excuse as to why your nails are a mess. I have to remind myself often that doing my nails is a stress-reliever, even when drying them out can get stressful.

My hands are always busy, so after applying the Jamberry nail wrap I felt less worried about my nails (just the ring finger ones) when I had to dry them off. I actually started typing one of my recent blog posts with just those two fingers because I did not want to mess the other nails up. It was nice to see they were not peeling off after a week, and are still going on strong on week two! 

If you have any questions about the Jamberry Nails products, feel free to reach out to Tara. She is very helpful and will answer any questions you may have on the products. Also, feel free to take advantage of the Black Friday sale:
Black Friday Jamberry SaleYou can connect with Tara on Facebook via Tara’s Jamberry VIP Group! 

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