How To Tidy Your Home Daily

Working from home sounds like a dream come true for some, but it can also lead to a messy home. 

On most days, I try to tidy up while the boys are busy watching one of their favorite shows. However, this doesn’t always happen. There are times when I have to clean the first floor while they’re busy on the second, and vice versa. With little ones, you can’t predict which floor will remain tidy by the end of the day.

The truth is, my home isn’t always organized, but I try my best to tidy things up at least once or twice a week. Picking toys up from the floor has become a challenge. I stepped on a car the other day and slipped on the floor. Thankfully, my hand broke the fall and I was able to protect my belly.

After weeks of complaining about the number of toys we have throughout our home, I finally found a solution. One of my aunts suggested bagging a good chunk of the ones the boys don’t use often and putting them away. My goal is to give them away after a month of them not asking for them. So far, I’ve filled four trash bags of their toys and placed them in our closet. The toys our kids use often are organized in their playroom for easy access, with a small portion in their room.

Goodbye Mess, Goodbye Stress
Although our two-story home has three bedrooms, we spend the majority of our time in our master bedroom. The kids and pups sleep with us in the same room. The boys even use our bathroom to bathe. This also means they have a tendency to bring all their things to our bedroom.

After a week of having our master bedroom look like a toy bomb had exploded, I decided to take my aunt’s advice and bag up the toys. I used a broom to reach underneath our bed. There were Hot Wheels cars and LEGO pieces everywhere. Bending down to reach for them was a struggle, but the end result was worth it.

Below are 4 tips on how we’ve managed to maintain our home — most importantly our bedroom — tidy during the week:

1.  Bag it up.
I mentioned it before, but it definitely helps to put away items you no longer use and stack them up for when you have some time to head over to a local Goodwill and drop off the bags. I’ve always used the bag-it method with clothes we no longer use, but I’ve never thought to do it with toys. More so since my husband isn’t a fan of giving away our kids’ toys.

2. Find a place for it.
Finding the right place for something can really help make your home look a lot more organized. For instance, books on a bookshelf or shoes in the closet. We often end up with a pile of shoes next to the door by the end of the day. This can make your home look messy to those who enter your home — even for you!

3. Stage useful items.
I love making things accessible throughout my home, more so for when we have guests staying over. We always have towels out and other necessary items for our visitors to use. It helps those who come over feel welcomed.

4. Clean up as you go.
To help avoid large messes, clean up whatever you’re no longer using. This is something we’ve been practicing with our little ones. They’ve been extra helpful in the tub with scrubbing the tub and picking up their toys before coming out.

How do you tidy up your home throughout the day?


  1. I am the WORST at keeping my house clean! Great tips here!

    1. I know the feeling. I’ve had to learn to find what works for me.

  2. Making the habit of cleaning as the way of life is the best way to do. Just like the Japanese people, kids are in-charge to clean their classrooms.

    1. Yes, it helps you concentrate and improves productivity.

      1. Decluttering gives me that therapeutic feeling. Makes me feel good and motivating.

  3. I need to start doing these! I do try to always clean as I go, but sometimes I do get behind. I’m also working on decluttering.

  4. These are the great tips for keep our home tidy and well organized. Find the right place for every things is a best idea. This will make peoples also organized.

  5. Great tips! We donated lots of toys at the end of the year. As far as shoes, we have a basket for our girls’ shoes in the entryway. In our entryway closet, I have a shoe rack for my husband’s and my shoes we use for the season. The rest of our shoes are in our bedroom closet.

  6. I love these tips! Last year I created a “free basket” for when all of my friends/family visit. Whatever is left over I donate.

  7. Omg same problems here ! This are really great ideas. I just actually need to do them 😅

    1. Spring cleaning is around the corner.

  8. Cleaning as you go is a great one. We try to do a 10 minute sweep before we go to bed each night so the house is clean when we wake up. It’s nice to wake up to a clean house.

    1. Good thinking on the 10-minute sweep. I try to do it before the kids wake up.

  9. This is so loaded and so much I read from this blog that will be of benefit to me. Thank you for this meaningful post ❤️

  10. I also work from home, and homeschool my daughter. I thought it would be easier to keep things neat and clean while being here, boy was I wrong! These are tips that I use to keep my home semi tame!

    1. Ugh. It always seems easier. It definitely isn’t.

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