Apr 172017
3 Simple Backyard Ideas For The Kids

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We’re gearing up for a big move in June and we’re excited about the thought of creating a wonderful backyard for our little ones to enjoy.

The boys have been fortunate enough to tag along during our house hunting experience and they’ve given us their input on where they’d like to live. It’s safe to say that we were able to meet their needs while accommodating our own.

Our new home will have a big yard with enough space for the boys to kick their soccer ball, play basketball and most importantly, explore freely without me behind them making sure they hurt themselves.

With a large covered deck, there’s still room to entertain and stay out of the South Florida sun.

I can’t wait to see their reaction when we bring all their things over to our home and set up their playroom.

In the meantime, we’re drawing up some ideas for the yard. Below are three ways we plan to make our new yard a place for our family can enjoy:

1. Set up play areas.
Our boys love playing with their Little Tikes soccer play set. We use it indoors and outdoors, it’s a great way to keep the kids moving. With the size of our new yard, we’ll be able to set it up close to the gate to play.

Having a variety of balls available for your little ones to play with allows them to keep moving and tire themselves out.

2. Create an outside reading area.
Hammocks are a great place to relax with your kids and pick up a book. You can check out this hammock and stand to add in any corner of your yard.

You can also add an area where you can throw down some pillows and read with the kids.

3. Make space for a garden.
Having a garden in your yard helps the little ones develop a sense of responsibility. Include your children when you plant the seed by asking them what they’d like to grow. Food is always a great idea because it teaches your little ones where food comes from.

How do you plan to make the most of your yard this season?

Fatima Torres

What's life like with three kids and two pups? It's entertaining, that's for sure! MTME breaks down family fun ideas and shares personal insights from a former B2B editor and digital marketer turned mom running a business and a household -- all under one roof. With her husband as her #1 fan, there isn't anything she can't accomplish. Read on to learn how she breathes in fire and exhales success.

Reader Comments

  1. My daughter loves being in the backyard. We have a trampoline, so she’s usually on that.

    Good luck with your move!

  2. Gardening has to be my favourite of the three. Teaching your kids where food comes from and how easy it is to grow your own is so important!

  3. I don’t have kids, but I totally agree about the idea of having areas of your yard with purpose. I love the reading area idea. I have a “sit outside and drink my coffee” area next to some of my flowers as well. But enrichment opportunities are so important. These are some really great suggestions.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read through these ideas. I like that you have an area where you can sit outside and enjoy your coffee in the morning. Those little moments really make a difference in your day.

  4. I love these ideas. I think children ought to play more rather than just sit in front of a screen all day. I also realize that that takes more effort than you’d think.

  5. I’m glad that you mentioned to “make space for a garden”. Some of my fondest memories were as a child spent in the garden with my grandparents. They taught me so much about gardening and now I am following in their footsteps with more than one of my own!

  6. These are all great ideas for a backyard. I love that you thought about adding a reading area for the kids. I love it.

  7. Having a space for a garden can be setup also as a place where kids can do some learning activities like reading and the likes. This is also my goal for my future kids.

  8. How fun you are moving soon, congrats! I like these ideas a lot, we spend a lot of time outdoors in our yard in spring and summer. I love the idea of having an outdoor reading area!

    1. I know the feeling. There are times I just need some quiet time and I will give them my phone, but most of the time we like to keep the boys active. They need it. WE need it. haha

  9. I grew up with a garden in my backyard and have such fond memories of running through it and helping my dad with it. I think it is important to try to set aside a little space for this.

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