Simple Ways To Help Your Kids Earn Money This Summer

Teaching your child about the value of a dollar is a lot than you think. It just takes action. One of the ways we teach our kids about budgeting is through games. Two of our favorite grocery store games are called Budgeting Yourself and Need VS Want. It’s perfect for when the kids ask for items at the store.

To help our kids earn money, we give them a task to complete in a week or two weeks. Oftentimes it’s to behave and not fight each other throughout the week. This works well during the holiday season when they know someone’s watching.

Your child doesn’t need to be school-age or a teenager to make some cash simply by completing tasks. In fact, you’re probably aware of how often they can get into the habit of asking for money or to do things that cost money.

Help Kids Earn Money

Getting into the habit of denying your child certain things can be tough, but it helps if you’re experiencing financial issues.

We started telling our kids to budget themselves every month after dealing with some financial issues of our own. Instead of handing your kids money for their favorite activities or to buy items, find ways for kids to earn the cash. This way, when you pay them, you’ll also be teaching them how hard work equals more money.

There are a number of ways you can help the children make some cash this summer. Below are some ideas to do just that!

1. Have them complete uncommon chores

While regular chores should be a part of daily life, things that are harder – such as cleaning the garage or cleaning out gutters are a great way to get the kids to earn some money.

These types of chores are typically the ones you would pay someone to do anyhow. It’s always cheaper to pay your child to help or do the work for you, why not give them the money?

The harder chores can be handed off to the older kids. However, that doesn’t mean the younger should not be given the chance to earn. There are uncommon chores for kids to complete as well, such as watering plants and preparing food. You can always assist the younger ones until they’re comfortable with doing it on their own.

2. Ask around and offer to babysit

Whether your child is looking to babysit a younger sibling or someone else’s child, they will get a better understanding of what it means to be patient. Also, it will be a paid opportunity for them.

With time, your child can offer their services to others and ask around to see if anyone would be interested in having them help while their away.

In the meantime, get your child to complete Red Cross Babysitting classes, as well as first aid and CPR classes.

3. Help clean someone’s front yard

Do you remember cutting someone’s grass during the summer months? These same methods can help your kids earn money the same way!

The best part is that even a younger school-age child of eight or nine can help with cleaning up the yard. This is a great way for the kids to make money with friends.

4. Become a Personal Shopper

If your child has their own vehicle, then they can make money working as a personal shopper for busy locals. This is a great way to make use of those grocery pick-up mobile apps. Make certain they are fully insured – which they should be already – but also that they come up with pricing that will cover the cost of fuel and their time.

Work with your child on their hours so that it fits both their daily schedule and other commitments they may already have.

What jobs help your kids earn money in the summer?

Help your kids earn money this summer by teaching them what hard work is all about!  These summer job ideas can help with learning the value of a dollar.


  1. Mary K Stallings

    Thank you for these ideas and encouraging parents for the kids to go out and earn some money this summer! And it’ll create so many awesome memories! As a kid, around 10 my friends and I would always do a lemonade stand whenever we were craving some candy, and would take our money right up to the convenience store to buy some after! And when my dad was a kid he used to use his hose to fill up buckets and water his neighbors yard in hope of them throwing him some change. Way more fun than TV and will teach kids money skills too!

  2. RHT_Stephen

    Sharing this with my boss, he was only moaning today about his 15yo moping around the house and not working

  3. Denise @In-Home Medical Supplies

    There’s a certain age where’s it’s just hard to earn money. You’re too young to get a job, but there’s lots of things you want. This should be helpful to kids and parents.

  4. Matt Taylor

    Those are all great jobs for kids to do in the summer. I always had chores growing up. I also was a little entrepreneur. I had a paper route and delivered newspapers. I had lemonade stands. I baked cinnamon raisin bread and my mom took them to her work and sold them for me. Good times! haha

  5. Holly Lasha

    These are great suggestions. My kids are starting to approach the age where I want them to start earning some of their own money.

  6. Neely

    Awesome tips! I used to pet sit and babysit during the summers when I was in middle school before I could have a job!

  7. TheSuperMomLife

    These are perfect! My teen is getting her first job this summer. These are all great options for her.

  8. Brianne

    These are such great ideas. I think it’s so important to teach our kids the value of hard work and earning their own way.

  9. amayszingblogs

    Nice Ideas for kids on how they can earn money for their young age.I’m sure all parents would love this ideas!

  10. Heather

    I love this so much. I think these days, kids have forgotten what really working is. And they need to know that for the adult life that is coming.

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