My First Month As A Kindergartener’s Mom

Having our firstborn head to kindergarten this year has been a blessing in disguise. After more than a month of dealing with crying, fighting, and screaming children, I think I was more than ready for kindergarten to begin.

My first week as a kindergartner’s mom was short. School began on a Wednesday and we were getting a feel for what lied ahead.

Regardless of the stress, it was interesting to see how excited our eldest was to enter his big boy school.

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Knowing that I was going to have 5+ hours away from our firstborn made me a bit emotional. I had a lot to look forward to during the time he was in school. I just needed to organize myself to make time for everything.

Where Does The Time Go?

When our firstborn went to preschool on the other side of town, we’d spend 40 minutes of the three hours he was away driving to and from his school. His class started at 8 am. I swore I was going to have enough time to do everything. 

Who was I kidding? 

It wasn’t until our firstborn was four that I realized it was going to get better. Time was going to make sense again.

We were settling into our new home when I sensed something wasn’t right. Well, at least the test results proved I wasn’t wrong. I was pregnant with our third child.

We were back to square one. 

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Ways To Juggle

People always ask how do I manage to make time for it all. My husband, the kids, myself and my business. To be honest, within the first full week of the new school year, I noticed the wonderful schedule I had going on for family and blogging life wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

I was no longer going to be able to have 4 am work sessions. I needed to cut those out because A) Our infant is now sleeping throughout the night and B) I needed to be up and functioning before 7 am.

Letting go of things that weren’t consistent in my life was one of the ways I prepped myself for the new school year. I knew I needed to focus on my family and their needs.

Prepping the clothes for the week during the weekends was another way I helped myself juggle things. Doing so gave me the freedom to focus on other things in the mornings.

Although I have a new family and work schedule, I do have certain consistencies from the summer. For instance, dinner is still eaten around 4 pm and we get ready for bed at 6 pm. I just cross my fingers they fall asleep before 10!

Thankfully, it’s been a successful transition into the new school school and I’m forever grateful for the time he spent at his preschool.

Have your little ones started school this year? 


  1. I was always excited to see each of our three children enter kindergarten and start their new education adventure. I never was sad because i volunteered at the school in their classrooms and around all the time.

  2. Seems like only yesterday that my oldest was starting kindergarten. My 5 kids are all grown now but I do remember those kindergarten years.

  3. Aw, I remember being a kindergarten mom! My kids are older and I just have to balance making sure they actually do their homework.

  4. Starting school is so much fun. I’ve been spending a lot of time with a five year old, and she is over the moon to be in Kindergarten now.

  5. I am not yet a mom but I have little cousins and godchildren who are toddlers and some are going to kindergarten as well. Time flies so fast and now they are starting out to go to school as well.

  6. When my kiddos started school I can hardly stand it. I missed all day long! To this day I still miss him every time I drop him off at school! It is definitely hard to drop them off and leave.

  7. My kids are a bit older now, but we still have to stick to strict routines and bedtimes. If I let schedules slide, there is always crabby kiddos in the mornign and then that sort of sets the tone for a messed up day.

  8. Tasheena Nicole Johnson

    My kiddos are older. However, I do remember when my son started kindergarten. So many wonderful memories from his first year of school.

  9. Congratulations kindergarten mom! I pray your journey is amazing. I’m a new college mom and it amazes me how fast the time went by. Enjoy every little bit!

  10. I remember when my oldest started kindergarten. It was a tough day for me. I think we care more than they do lol

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