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#BeYourself Tips For Our Kindergartener


This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’goshhowever, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Our firstborn is headed to kindergarten this year. We can’t wait to see him off on his first day. It’s been an emotional past couple of months for us. Preparing for our son’s first year in elementary school has made us reminisce on the day he was born, as well as all the memories we’ve created as a family.

Adjusting to a new environment can be scary. Our firstborn adapts well to different settings, however, he starts off shy. Since this will be his first year in his big boy school, we’ve been offering him pointers on how to survive the first couple of weeks. Below are three of things we’ve been trying to embed into head all summer:

1. Be true to yourself. 
There will be kids with different upbringings in his class, and we constantly remind him that just because someone else does someone doesn’t mean it’s okay. Do what you believe to be right and don’t let someone else’s actions influence yours.

2. Speak up for others. 
Some kids are an easy target for others, and our boys have always been taught to help them instead of joining the crowd. Our firstborn will let someone know whether or not something isn’t right, and I’ve always admired that about him.

3. Do your best. 
A lot of the lessons he will work on this year will be reviews from previous years. However, when he’s faced with a task he hasn’t done before, we encourage him to try to do his best. You lose nothing by trying, and everything by leaving an answer blank. In our home, we give “A’s for effort”.

Back To School And Beyond
Along with the first-day pointers we’ve been heading over to our favorite retailers to grab back to school essentials. Aside from the items on the school’s shopping list, we’ve picked up other necessary things that will help him excel this school season.

We’re looking to adopt some of the ideas our parents had when we were growing up. My parents would take my brothers and me to the park after school and we’d have snacks with us to enjoy. As for my husband’s family, they’d visit museums and other local attractions on weekends. It’s safe to say we’re going to be planning a lot of activities for these kids during the school year. I’m excited because it’s been tough getting the boys out as often as we’d like with our infant. Now that she’s stronger and more aware of her surroundings, we’ll be taking her to places for her to enjoy as well.

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Everyone’s A Winner
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