Kindness Shines A Light On Bullying

It has always fascinated me how much you can connect with someone on so many levels. Throughout the years, I’ve met a number of people who’ve experienced a lot of the things I feared discussing with others.

Thankfully, through my blog, I’ve been able to share many of these topics including why I wasn’t a fan of taking ballet classes as a child. Spoiler alert: I ran into a bully. 

Bullies are everywhere. Regardless of age group, gender, or profession, there has always been someone trying to push someone else around. According to a recent poll, 62% of the participants said they’ve considered transferring schools because of a bully.

Those polled noted that appearance and weight are top of mind for bullies when choosing their victims. surveyed 716 randomly selected teens and young adults ages 13-24.

But not all hope is lost for future generations, with 90% of the participants who agreed that kindness and 50% who said humor were two of the most valued characteristics of their peers.

How Adults Can Help

Adults play an important role in helping students stop bullying. The results showed that most polled had consulted an adult to try to stop a bully.

It was interesting to find out how there are teens and young adults who aren’t aware of bullying — as in they don’t know what it is. To help them better understand, has put together a piece showcasing the meaning of bullying and how it’s evolved into cyberbullying. You can find tips on the page as well.

Whenever I think about the possibility of our kids running into a bully or two throughout their lives I remind myself that everything is going to be okay. My husband and I have been prepping our boys daily for them to understand that not everyone is kind, but there are people who are and how they need to be one of them.

Kindness goes a long way, but so does standing your ground. Since becoming a parent, I’ve had to show others the importance of not mistaking kindness for weakness. This is what we try to instill in our boys — the value of being true to yourself and standing by your beliefs.

Do you talk about bullying with your kids? 


  1. Melanie

    Eliminating bullying is a group effort. It’s good to know what I can do as a parent to make kindness in greater supply.

    1. Fatima Torres

      It definitely takes a village — and lots of support.

  2. Mama Writes Reviews

    In all things, be kind to each other. Being kind is the most important thing.

    -Mama from Mama Writes Reviews

  3. Jennifer L

    I absolutely love reading the efforts you’ve made in teaching these amazing lessons. As someone who was bullied when I was a kid, kindness definitely trumps bullying and being cruel. Wish we could work towards more kindness even as adults.

  4. Jessica Terry

    Bullying is such a hard thing to deal with. It really is great to know that we as parents can at very least educate our children about kindness.

  5. Rebecca Swenor

    This is a great post on kindness trumping bullying. It is so important to teach our children the right values of being kind to others, helping others when they can, and telling an adult when there is a problem.
    This is my own opinion. Thanks for sharing the information.

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