How Kleenex® Wet Wipes Saves The Day

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As a mom of three kids and two pups, I’m constantly trying to plan ahead for unforeseen events. It’s allergy season and our firstborn is no stranger to getting sneeze attacks. To help stay ahead of the season, we keep Kleenex® tissues handy in the car, diaper bag and in our son’s pocket.

Honestly, he’s not the best with blowing his nose and will often sneeze multiple times. With each sneeze, he lets out a good amount of snot. It gets worse during the allergy season.

Keeping Up With Everyday Life

I remember growing up and witnessing my brother have the same sneeze attacks as well. My dad would hand him a handkerchief from his back pocket. My brother would use it and give it back to my dad for him to keep until he could wash it at home. Can you imagine how many germs were traveling in his back pocket? 

The more times I witnessed this happen, the less I could stand the sight of snot. 

Kleenex Wet Wipes, Wet Wipes, Kleenex Tissues, Kleenex Wet Wipes MTME
The Kleenex® Wet Wipes make cleaning your hands after a sneeze a breeze.

Having a sneeze attack isn’t fun. They can happen anywhere and at any moment. With Kleenex® tissues handy, our son can clean his nose in the car before the bell rings. What about the mess a tissue can’t pick up — like the germs?

Fortunately, Kleenex® has another solution for when moments like this one arise. The Kleenex® Wet Wipes make cleaning your hands after a sneeze a breeze. These soft and thick wipes are designed for everyday use for your hands and face. 

Our family is always on the run. From school drop-offs to mornings at the dog park, then running around to do errands in time for car line pick-up, our days are never boring. 

Having Kleenex® Wet Wipes helps us keep going throughout the day without having to make pit stops at a restroom to clean our kids’ hands. 

Right now, the new Kleenex® Wet Wipes are available in three unique varieties to bring the gentle cleansing power of water to you anytime, anywhere. Fortunately, all are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and contain no alcohol.

In addition, the Kleenex® Wet Wipes Germ Removal wipes are clinically proven to wipe away 99% of germs from your skin without harsh chemicals. This is a bonus since our three-year-old son likes to think he can mimic his older brother and use the potty without assistance. It’s always a joy to have to enter the bathroom after he’s finished. 

Head over to Walmart and grab the new Kleenex® Wet Wipes. You can click here for more details.

Wet Wipes, Kleenex Wet Wipes, Wet Wipes Kleenex
Having Kleenex® Wet Wipes helps us keep going throughout the day
without having to make pit stops at a restroom to clean our kids’ hands.

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  1. Scott Gombar

    I think you have been listening in to my house through my Alexa. My 4 year old daughter keeps asking me to get these for her…lol.

  2. Athena Nagel (@Stuffofsuccess)

    I had no idea Kleenex was entering the wet wipes market. Seems like a natural addition to their product line.

  3. Hollie

    I use Kleenex Wet Wipes and love them. They are great for traveling as well as just keeping in my own home.

  4. Gladys Parker

    When my children were little I used baby wipes which worked for almost anything. However, when my children started getting older they didn’t want to use “baby” wipes. I switched to regular wipes but they don’t remove germs. It looks like I’ll be buying new Kleenex Wet Wipes Germ Removal for myself and my grandchildren.

  5. munniofalltrades

    Kleenex wet wipes is something that I carry every where I go. They truly are a saviour 🙂

  6. Cristina Pop

    We all love Kleenex products. There’s no one like them!

  7. Tara Pittman (@momknowsbest15)

    I love these wipes and used them when I went to the Balloon fiesta here. They only had porta potties so I was able to clean my hands with these.

  8. Christa Anne

    I haven’t heard of this product before. As the mom gonna active (and often messy) toddler, I need this in my bag!

  9. stillorphans

    Wow, I haven’t heard of these yet, but I love it! We’re always reaching for baby wipes for icky noses, but I’m sure these would work even better. I can’t wait to try them out!

  10. Sarah Bailey

    There is nothing quite like a wet wipe. You are so right with saying they really can save the day. I didn’t realise Kleenex made them but I am going to have to look for them next time I shop.

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