Labor Day Weekend In Doors

I love spending time with friends and family, and if you’re like me, your friends become part of your family.

This weekend has been amazing: Grocery shopping and birthday planning on Friday, and evenings with long-time friends and family on Saturday and Sunday. I love these moments.

I had a great Saturday evening. We were celebrating a friend’s birthday with dinner and drinks at the house. My honey came home a little earlier than usual and was able to join in.

Sunday was another good one. My honey and I took a trip with our little guy to visit a new family member at the hospital: a little baby boy named Daniel.
Saturday’s Set up:


Once we arrived back home we were greeted by friends. They were hanging out with our other little (big) guy Rocky. With time the house filled up — the usual Sunday routine. Laughter all around and an occasional cry for attention from our son.

Although today is Labor Day, a few of our friends and family are working, my honey included. I forgot to cut the cake on Saturday so the girls will be stopping by this afternoon for cake and laughs. 🙂

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