Less Poopy Diapers

We had our doctor’s visit on Thursday and it turns out less poopy diapers is a good thing, not only for us but also for Sebastian.

I was concerned since we kept feeding him formula and breastmilk. But turns out having less poopy diapers means he’s starting to formulate his poop. Go, Sebas! His farts are still stinky — probably even stinkier than ever, but that’s okay. Jeff and I still think they’re cute.

Update on the diapers I’m using: Huggies Little Snugglers. People say Pampers is the best, but I’ve come to realize that Huggies is a better brand. His poop/pee goes through with Pampers. I liked the newborn because it was what they gave us at the hospital — and it worked then. But now, Huggies it is.

Now if only we could get Rocky to wear a diaper, we could minimize his walks. 😉

Fatima Torres

What's life like with three kids and two pups? It's entertaining, that's for sure! MTME breaks down family fun ideas and shares personal insights from a former B2B editor and digital marketer turned mom running a business and a household -- all under one roof. With her husband as her #1 fan, there isn't anything she can't accomplish. Read on to learn how she breathes in fire and exhales success.

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